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  1. Jeff "Lantern27451" Greatens TK - 27451 1) 3-17-2018 St. Patrick's Day Parade, City Deck, Green Bay, Wisconsin 2) 5-4-2018 Free Book Celebration, Hemlock Creek Elementary School, De Pere, Wisconsin 3) 5-12-2018 MDA Muscle Walk, Voyageur Park, De Pere, Wisconsin 4) 6-30-2018 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Star Wars Night, Fox Cities Stadium, Appleton, Wisconsin 5) 3-17-2019 St. Patrick's Day Parade, City Deck, Green Bay, Wisconsin 6) 6-23-2019 "Weird Al" Yankovic Strings Attached Concert, Overture Theater, Madison, Wisconsin
  2. It's been a long time coming, but I finally got off my butt plate and got my TK approved. Anovos OT Stunt, first wave of shipments. The upper half has been done for a year. The lower since last October. I just wasn't happy with a few things so I never went for approval. Heck, I already changed some things. Well to anyone else that feels that way about their kit, I say that there will ALWAYS be things you aren't happy with. Accept that, and get approved, and wear it, or you'll start to resent the investment (both time and money). You can always update/ upgrade things as you go.
  3. Requesting 501 status. Not detachment yet. Working on that. Finally. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23102
  4. Awesome work! I have a similarly deactivated Sterling waiting for me to have more time out in the garage. I also have the same scope, with one of the feet missing the way yours was. What did you use to rebuild it? Thanks, and great work!
  5. I saw it for a second time today (in 3D for the first time) and still thoroughly enjoyed it. Visually, this IS Star Wars. Real sets, with real props (although some of the props seem like cast offs from Star Trek), and practical effects. If this didn't look "Star Wars" enough for some people, then there simply was no pleasing them. As for the story, yes it felt a whole lot like ANH. They're both the first movie of their respective trilogy, and as such have to establish the who what and why of things. (when and where are taken care of in the scroll) Is it a perfect movie? No, of course not - no movie is. Except ESB. That's a perfect movie. But is it good? Yes. It's darn good. Here are the two major quibbles I have with TFA. Okay three, but the first one is that saying the acronym TFA out loud sounds like you're talking about airport security with a lisp. So Finn's dialog; A few times it took me out of the movie. Boyega is good. I felt what his character was going through. I was rooting for him the whole time. However when he was interacting with Phasma, and letting her know that he was in fact in charge, I felt (1) that he sounded more like a linebacker after a good play. And (2) that Han's line about "taking it down a little" was Harrison Ford giving him acting advice, not actual scripted dialog. And let's not forget "Droid Please". The other big point of contention that I have is with how the big "reveal" was handled. With Snoak casually spoiling Kylo Ren's paternal lineage, so much emotion was drained from the bridge confrontation. Imagine that Snoak hadn't told us that. And that Kylo kept his helmet on and told Rey that yes he IS just a monster in a mask. Now when his father demands the mask be removed, the line "So I can see my son's face" would have hit us like a ton of carbonite. And we'd still be reeling from that bombshell when Kylo cements his path to the dark side. Some could be said about the speed with which Rey learns to use her budding powers, or how Finn could go toe to toe with Kylo Ren, but I feel like answers to those issues may be delivered in the next installment. As a side note, I view TFA as a bridge and or setup movie. It had to set the stage for the future films, whilst explaining the 30 year gap. It could have done more in the exposition department, but it sets up what comes next very well. And as a transition, I don't view it as the first of it's trilogy. Not in the strictest sense of the word at least. And that's all I gots to say about that. For now.
  6. Wow Marvel1975. Thanks for adding that truly amazing insight. It added so much to the non discussion. You are indeed wise beyond your screen name's purported years.
  7. It depended on how early you jumped in on the pre order. I was the point man in my group, and ordered 5 sets. No coupons for us. But we got the best possible pricing, so theres that I guess.
  8. I looked at the pictures, but not very close before I bid. Then I completely forgot that about it. Full disclosure, I may have had a few cans of Pabst in me at the time. More than a few perhaps. Okay I was drunk. At any rate, I didn't pay a whole lot so I'm not upset with myself. I just need to figure out what I have and what to do with it.
  9. Hey all, so the postman dropped off a package today. I bought an M38A2 but hadn't really looked closely at the photos. Here are some pictures of it that I took. As you'll see, this one doesn't look like any I've seen. What happened to the mounting flange on the taper nearest the user? And the one existing flange is tiny! The clamp looking thing rotates and should be removable. Did I just buy a paper weight?
  10. Is there any tut for converting an A2?
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