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  1. 1138 would be a good number to use.
  2. If anyone in the UK is interested, you can get galvanised wire from Asda for £1 to make a spring with. I also got a hanging basket bracket from a pound shop and I'm going to cut it to use the bar fror my scope rail.
  3. Don't have a torch to heat with I've seen your build and was impressed that you were able to drill out the Hengstler for the wires.
  4. How did you fix the front of the scope rail? I haven't got a bar yet, the first one I used just snapped. It was really strong and didn't flex but it snapped when I bent it. I know that I'll cut mine to fit into the hole of the barrel but do you then bend it again to stay in there? I still don't know what I'll use yet. I'm hoping to find an offcut or scrap of something.
  5. Me too......I printed mine and it came out yellow........lol. I like the idea of printing a black one onto a red film. For glue, I've been using superglue for some of the smaller parts and here in the UK we have Araldite two-part epoxy which works well. I've got both standard and fast setting versions. So far, I haven't even needed to use clamps or elastic bands to hold things together.
  6. if you go here, you will find reticles that you can print off. http://www.imperial-fleet.com/BBC/community/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=297
  7. This looks great and it'll really be a help to me in building my own Doopydoos. I thought I might damage the 'Hengstler' if I drilled it for wires but you have done a good job on it. How did you fix the front of the scope rail where it goes down into the barrel because there's another hole underneath? I know you're using it to help keep other parts in place, I might do that myself because I've considered fitting an internal barrel.
  8. I thought that might be the case. Is there a spring that would fit a Doopydoos?
  9. Can you tell me where I might find a spring like that? I'm working on a Doopydoos blaster and wondered if it would fit. The only other option is to make one out of garden wire. Fantastic build by the way.
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