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  1. I wear mine over my UA shirt so the logo doesn't show . If you sew enough "bib" onto the neckseal, it will stay down under your chest armor and not bunch up out the back. My helmet sits pretty low on me though so you don't see much of the neck seal anyway.
  2. Most people use the Hasbro blaster modified with a resin parts kit. Look for "Doopydoos". I think that route runs about $20 for the blaster, $30 for the resin kit. You can also buy premade blasters, or make your own from PVC pipe. There is a lot of information on all options here on the forums.
  3. The E6000 seems to hold up just fine with trooping and it dries clear which is a huge plus if you put too much on and need to scrape it off. For my next suit I'll definitely use E6000 on the whole thing.
  4. The stuff they have on the site looks fine, but you could source the components cheaper elsewhere, or make them yourself (neckseal). I use underarmour and cheap no-name versions are fine. They might be even better since you don't have to worry about the size tag like on the back of the UA tops. Most people use nomex flight gloves or screen-accurate black rubber chemical gloves. The nomex gloves can be had for about $10 and I imagine the rubber ones are about the same. My 2 cents? I'd keep shopping around
  5. Just part of the deal. I don't smell them while trooping, just when I open that box
  6. AM is the new version of FX. ATA is another armor maker that is more screen-accurate. Both AM and FX armor is 501st acceptable, as is ATA. Search around on the forum, there are plenty of build threads with all types of armor for you to look at.
  7. Did they have to use the Rubies helmet?
  8. Really good work! The ear gap is fine, they were a lot worse in the movies and you've contoured it well. I think the brow is fine. I don't like the high brow of the move-along trooper, and the hero isn't really my style either. I think right in between gives the helmet a sinister look when all is said and done
  9. Maybe try pepakura? They use it to make the halo helmets. http://405th.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1648
  10. Great photoshopped pics
  11. I don't know if that one's even worth $12.
  12. You can always use E-6000. It goes on and dries clear.
  13. If you post some pictures it will be easier for us to see what you're talking about
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