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  1. I got E6000 at Jo-Anns. I imagine Michael's or Total Crafts would have it too.
  2. Haha. I think I have the positioning figured out. A little more room to move and the buttons aren't covered so I'm good
  3. I let out my suspenders about 3 inches. I had that ab piece pretty hiked up there haha. It still sits close to the right places, but it gave me enough room so that the chest plate doesn't cover the buttons.
  4. Just a quick question - how low does your crotch piece sit? I think that lowering my ab and back plate (i.e. lengthening the suspenders a tad) will help to close the gap between the thighs and the ab plate as well as keep my chest piece from hiding the ab buttons. Right now the codpiece is pretty flush to my body, do you all have some space down there?
  5. Yeah, that's what I was looking for... Too late now haha. If they don't pass with the colors I've done I guess I'll put them back to black for now
  6. I've got a set on order from VaderDave, but I need to get my suit accepted for an upcoming troop. So I was just trying to see if I would need to paint the FX ones to install or if I could just go with the black ones. So I will paint the FX's for now and then swap the others when they get in. Thanks.
  7. Just want to make sure I read the requirements right - it's hard to discern the EIB requirements from the stunt ones. Are the black FX buttons no longer accepted? Are people with the black ones already just grandfathered in or do they have to change to the grey/blue if those are required now?
  8. Well I guess that's better than it being the other way around . Thanks for the info.
  9. I used the Troopermaster plans in this thread ------- and it holds my Hasbo just fine. Was really easy to make also.
  10. As far as snapping and straps go, just go to your local arts and crafts store. Jo-Anns is closest to me and they had the industrial strength velcro I needed, along with snap tool and snaps. I found Plastic Weld at Autozone, but later found E-6000 at Jo-Anns. Since E6000 dries clear, that would be my choice for my next suit of armor. The Plastic welder dries yellow. I got sandpaper at Home Depot, just a little 3M block, and I also got a bag of clamps there for about $11. Hope that gets you started
  11. Thanks, I'll try some foam maybe just below the knee.
  12. My left shin piece seems to rotate outward now that I have the sniper plate attached. I thought I remember seeing a thread on this but I couldn't find it. Do people put velcro or elastic somewhere to keep this piece from rotating around? The shin stays properly on my boots which is nice I guess, but it just rotates instead of staying put.
  13. Looking good. Reminds me I need to add on my drop boxes
  14. Man, looks like I need to go to this next year! We'll have to ask Tom how well lipstick comes off the ABS haha.
  15. Congrats! Suit looks great.
  16. Well, I picked up a $10 pack of clamps at Lowes, roll of blue painter's tape, industrial strength velcro, glue, all that was probably in the $30-$40 range. $20 snap tool from Total Crafts, which I thought was a total rip off and packs of snaps. The elastic/webbing is $1.50 or $2 per yard? Of course if you make mistakes measuring that webbing you have to buy more!
  17. If you trim the back correctly, you can glue the thighs with the taper you're looking for
  18. I think we can all vouch for Tupperware TK being "legit" . I bought my FX kit from him a few months ago.
  19. Well if I had trooped in it/finished the rest of my armor I'd tell you, but I haven't . I could slide my arm into the forearm piece but I have big hands and couldn't slide my arm back out, so velcroing at least one side was my only option. I didn't want to shim it just to be able to glue both sides.
  20. I glued the "top" of the forearm, what people will see, and I velcro'd the bottom joint, that faces the ground when your arms are extended. This is from the "Dave's Garage" tutorials on YouTube. Definitely check them out if you haven't already.
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