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  1. Old pic...sorry but it shows the gap better. I filled and sanded the holes and redid them ck the other pictures for the fix. TMC
  2. OK...let me get this straight...Trim the front and back of the back and chest? If you could give me and example on my photo that would Really, Really help...Please? Thanks, TMC
  3. Thanks....Ive built scale models for years and I use the weathering skills I learned from that. Its not that hard just Tamiya paint and "dry" brushing. If I build another one I guess I could do a "how to" thread... Thanks for the compliment TMC
  4. Yes....I remember the pages of debates....I have seen variances in many of the centurions so far. I followed the requirements as best I could but after all that there are many gray areas. I took my EIB and added the centurion requirements to that....you can see the changes if you compare the two... Thanks for the help... TMC
  5. If I re-mount the the knee belt it will sit below the bottom of the thigh armor....I have seen them both ways in centurion... Would rather not trim any more of the "wings" off in case of future enlargement... Let me know... Thanks, TMC
  6. Not "Fat Enough"....LOL .... What if I eat to much for thanksgiving Ejection Port is painted "Burnt " Silver.....Its hard to see in the picture..... I used an MP40 bolt to match the color. TMC
  7. The photo of the boots is hard to make out....try this one Trimmed holster Let me know... Thanks, TMC
  8. Troopmaster......not Troopermaster....At least thats what Im told.... TMC
  9. All AM....All came out of the same box. Helmet is VT TMC
  10. Armor = Troopmaster AM Blaster= Doopydoo's Full Resin E-11 Helmet= VT Forum name: Tmcp51d Full name: Tom McCoy TK-ID: 4450 Garrison: Garrison Excelsior Height= 5'8" Weigth= 135lbs Boots= TK Boots Canvas belt = selfmade Hand Plates/ Gloves = Trooperbay Electronics = Selfmade Neck Seal = Selfmade Holster = Trooperbay EIB Link http://forum.whitear...showtopic=13867 Full Shots Details Helmet Blaster Let me know if you need anything else.... Here is the split.... Thanks, TMC
  11. I gut the inside of a Kids baseball helmet and use that...I get the at a used sporting Goods store for around 15 bucks... TMC
  12. Thought I'd share this link...A little expensive but if you want the real thing.... http://www.ima-usa.c...y-gun-3037.html TMC
  13. Mine took about 2 weeks...UK to upstate NY And here it is.... TMC
  14. Thin?...Yupper, I can fit into anything...The duster is not done so I will fit it when I have it...But I do have it. TMC
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