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  1. I figured someone would've made a post about this. if not I was going to. I too would like to get some screen shots, or if someone is able to extract the model from the game and some full and detailed images of the armour and markings. Also, if memory serves (I will have to double check), I don't think the trooper has a backpack in game. As the top, Arms out pic is an early model..... I could be very wrong, I just don't recall seeing it on the one that died in front of me over the weekend. And just to add, about he lack of drop-boxes and knee plate. again I think that's an early model, before release. Pretty sure in game it has them and not the pack.
  2. By OCD, you mean, Standard 501st Costumer Syndrome. Just kidding. Good work, take LOTS of photos.
  3. You might not have look too hard then, this at the time of writting this post, was only 3 threads down from this one. This is the best I've sen and should give you a good idea of what to do. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/13885-scratchbuilt-hwt-bazooka/
  4. Well here is a forum I haven't posted in, for maybe 5 years. And here is something I came looking for, and have been meaning to build..... for 5 years This will be my template to use, thanks for posting.
  5. I think you might find that large green orb is it's exhaust. I would just go off the image of the rocket when you unlock the Fly-by wire rocket
  6. As some in the RBG know I went out and bought some that nice new AM armour and have been working on it for the last 6 or so months. Well for most of it I didn't do anything, then I had a 4 day weekend and got cracking. Well it's done and here it is. A couple of fitting modifications need to be made though, otherwise it's approvable. This was also done with next to no webbing. Love that AM armour
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