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  1. Great build! I am looking into an EVA foam build now that I finished my Gregor. Let me know if you start another.
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing all this come together.
  3. Just thought I'd chime in. I'm at over 4 years of trooping and my kit still looks almost new! The quality of this armor is top notch.
  4. Looks very cool! I'd be interested in some info. I'll PM you on the Garrison boards.
  5. I like the build! I'm hoping to start mine within a few months. Awesome looking rig.
  6. Great choice on armor! RT-Mod is great quality & he is always available. Congratulations.
  7. I'm always there. See you at the parade!
  8. This might be an off reply, but here it goes. When I was building my Republic Commando, I ended up finding them at a smoke shop. I'm not one to "partake" but I went to Home Depot first and asked for screens for a faucet. The Rep gave me a dirty look and said they were now built into faucets to keep people from taking them out for their pipes. Given his response I decided to look where those "pipes" are sold. And low and behold they're sold in packs of 5. I hope this helps.
  9. I have a complete RT kit. I was 6'00" 270lbs when I made it. I have lost some weight since then so I've had to re-shim my kit. There is not one bad thing I can say about it! I've received many compliments and Rob is perfect with his communicating. Good luck in your decision!
  10. Great looking build. I think Centurion is right around the corner for you.
  11. I have an ABS kit & shine it after every other Troop. I prefer Honda motorcycle polish. It cleans, polishes, & has UV protectant in it. Hope this helps!
  12. Very nice! What are your plans for the rest of the armor?
  13. Welcome, both of you! If you haven't done it yet, head over to ga501st.com and we can give you a hand getting acquainted with us. There are a few troopers in that part of the state. If you need anything, just ask.
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