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  1. Will be there, but i am still debating on if i will bring my TK ( last time was awesome, but flying it up was a pain....) still has some time to think about it.
  2. NOT FUNNY!!!!!! my computer was in the shop so i just read this. Dam u Yes after 30 secs of cursing i laughed for a couple minutes but sill LOL
  3. Wonderful news!!!!! Very very happy your here Woodchuck :happy and cheerful birthday:
  4. xD :Stormtrooper_walk_south:COOL!!! i like this one!! Gracias!!!
  5. Hello I have been running into and seeing theses build all over the place, ( thereplicapropforum , FB, G+ etc) but not here. Its the build of All metal E-11, using the "vintage cut up parts kit" Any how i was wondering if any one here has done this yet here. So far the blaster look great!!! and don't seem that hard to make. So far here is the best Tutorial ( i have seen so far) great step by step and Pics to back it up. http://www.thereplicapropforum.com/f9/e-11-vintage-build-juansith-pic-heavy-141878/ Safe link, not the Hacked site
  6. TK 4603 - Mason G Carson Our new DL! Congrats Mason & in coming staff! Let’s find thous blasted Droid´s once and for all. Paul and Past Staff, On behalf of OutPost Bolivia let me salute all of u, and thank you for all your hard work and dedication. For pointing North and having the FISD be what it is today!!! Hey Paul seems like the hard work paid off, rumor has it u will be getting a promotion in the inner rim territories, in the Imperial Academy forming and training Officers
  7. Are we still looking for the Droids???? I thought that we just said we would say we were still looking for them. I will go to the movie in costume Awesome idea about the droids
  8. I have a grade A AP and in it, i have 2 fans, comm system, amplifier mic, padding etc etc all self contaned in the lid. sung fit but do-able. Have a look at your garrison mates lids to get feel for there lids and sizes.
  9. 60 cm head, dont want to turn your head to put it on, under 150usd ........ FX hemlet or rubbies any helmet u get if u want it to look good will be TE linage type helmet, AP ATA, but all of these with your hat size u will need to turn/screw on your head. But wait to see what other say and suggest.
  10. Thx for the answers, Pm`s and E-mails in regards to the "why" & "When" I will be asking the Board Moderators to Plz Lock this thread. 1.- It touches two of the "Dont´s" of most Forum protocols " Religion" & "Politics". 2 .- We might be a post or two away from having this spin into a Poo Doo flinging Fest.
  11. Hello First of all I don’t want to drop a poo doo in the general Season and New Year thing, but I really have to ask. Well today i had my brain spun 360 degrees several times and the term WTH became the one thought synapse that the few brain cells that didn’t blow a fuse could mustard………….. O.o When did it become politically incorrect to Wish someone “Merry Christmasâ€!?? WTH! Were was I???? I check my Junk file several times I never got that memo……. I understand perfectly that not everyone celebrates the 25 as the Birth date of Jesus. I do have Jewish friends that celebrate Hanukkah. I remember being taught about Kwanzaa in school. But I never knew that that it was politically incorrect to say Merry Christmas???? What happened was as Christmas and New Year approaches I started to post a OutPost Bolivia season and new year wihes pic on FB and other Boards I frequent. Then I start to get my rear end chewed out by ppl stating that they didn’t celebrate Christmas and this is rude, classist even racist and that I should use the term “Happy Holidays†……… I don’t get it???? I don’t Celebrate “Holidays†I celebrate Christmas. Before there wasn’t all theses debacles about this, I have Wished Christmas wishes to Jewish ppl before and they either said “Thanks†or thanked me and let me know the were Jewish at which point I told them Happy Hanukkah. No harm no foul , certainly didn’t say it with spite or ill intension. The thing that really blew me away way, was the voracity & shear ruthlessness of the comments and insults I received!!!!!!!! Not living in the States my question is WHAT HAPPENED????? When did it become wrong to state your opinion and Religious beliefs and practices in the USA!!!?????? Plz I don’t want to cause a riot or problems I just really don’t get it?
  12. I guess i have also been a naughty trooper, no boxs in my door either...... hopefully there wont be a lump of Bantha poo doo in my boot. LOL Awesome pics Chief!!! really cool i was wondering when u would go Centurion.
  13. O.O WOW!!!!! it took me 2 reads before it sunk in that that was LEATHER!!!!!! un Mind blowing!!!! That suit and this ride----------- and your set!!!!!! actually i think the ride is better for a Biker scout but either was any armor riding this would look awesome!!!!
  14. U could always ask a fellow troopers that have both AP and AM to let them see there armor so u can get an idea of the size.....
  15. Very cool!!!! The sitting down part< u can either cut the butt plate to be smaller like a speedo or if u are only going to use this suit for the Games u could lose the cod and butt and thighs all together and wear the long shorts of the team. that way u have 100% sit!!! http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=8533&st=0&p=108277&hl=+cutting%20+cod&fromsearch=1entry108277 This is one of the few links for the modifing to get to sit down, there are others.
  16. I heard that with ABS u need to let the plastic sit or simply air out for a couple days to let all the fumes of the making of it get released, before u try vaccuforming it. You should talk to TM, ATA and AM about this they all work with ABS.
  17. YES!!! and it will be interesting to see what can be done abandoning the sand and desert earth colors and see what light weathering from other worlds in the SW Universe
  18. No wonder i didnt find it when i used the search engine to see if this was posted already..... o well
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