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  1. Here are the other pics... About the butt plate, I know it's sticking out WAY to far, and there is velcro that connects it to the cod piece so that it stays tight, but i didn't feel like connecting it... So that's why it's like that
  2. Thanks for the feedback, The guide I got with my set of AM said that the elastic I used on the drop boxes is where it's supposed to go, so I guess I just need to run out and pick up some white elastic. So now that I'm home I guess I'll post the pictures I said I would... I didn't feel like taking the suit off the mannequin so I just took pictures of "him", or Ken as my sister likes to call him. I had the helmet in my basement and didn't put it on him so I'm sorry if he scares you like he does me ( I try to keep the helmet on him as much as possible) . All the pieces don't fit on him which kin
  3. Alright, So I bought my set of AM late last July, and wound up finishing it (so that it's some what presentable) in mid September. I had posted the finished pictures on my build thread but wound up not getting any responses to how it was and what I should work on. So now I'm posting here hoping to get some needed feedback on my work. The armor is still lacking a canvas belt and thermal detonator, and I still need to find an E-11, holster, neck seal, and speaker system with the chip. The armor is nice (although very large) and goes nicely with my efx lid. These are the only pictures I have righ
  4. So I don't know if anyone else has heard of doing this or not but my buddy just came up and gave me this idea today. He said that I should get armored up and walk into a Verizon store and ask where the droids are. I got a kick out of it and would DEFINITELY do it, but sadly I don't have a sound system in my suit, and I think it would be extremely cheesy on my part to walk in and yell so they can hear me from inside my helmet. So getting back to the beginning, I was wandering if anyone had already done this already or not? Also, I'm planning on going to the Phantom Menace in my suit. Anyon
  5. Well I'm having trouble sitting down, I'm not sure if this is a problem in all suits, but I was wondering if that's something you can do in the suit. I'm not sure if I should trim my thighs more or what, so I need help. thanks! Also, I will post pics tomorrow if necessary.
  6. There's no store I can buy it from? I want to try and get it before Saturday.
  7. Hey guys, I'm SO close to finishing my suit, and I'm trying to find a canvas belt before Saturday. What kind of store sells the recommended canvas. Also, how would I connect the thermal detonator to the canvas? Thanks. -Matthew
  8. I have to agree with the suit being a chick magnet it's Probably the second best thing about trooping. I also have to agree though that putting smiles on peoples faces makes you feel great,and that it's probably the most satisfying part of the troop. Smiling with me is a problem too. The worst part though is that people do tend to get a little bit grabby, last time I had kids trying to pull my helmet off, and then I even had adults smacking on my armor. Other than that I have to say as well that it's a GREAT experience.
  9. the shire? lol, "one does not simply surf into mordor"
  10. That's awesome, next summer we should rally for a walk from coast to coast.
  11. Polish the armor or the helmet.....And would i need to pick up polish from a hobby store or would a Wal-mart or normal convenient store sell it?
  12. Well I'm extremely close to ordering my first set of armor and I ran across a topic earlier on about how certain helmets don't mix and match with certain armors...So I would REALLY like to know if an EFX ESB helmet would match with the set of AM armor that i'm planning on picking up. Thanks, Matt
  13. Aw man, I would do this but I sold reach . I sold it to get Mortal Komabat ( WHICH IS AWESOME).
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