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  1. HI yes I did start with Panda troopers template and went from there. How I Printed it out was a matter of trail and error (more error & very trying )Basically down loaded the template converted it to PDF file then if memory service me right through reducing print size until I got the correct size on a series of A4 sheets. This was achieved by using a tape measure & the measurements that a on template. Hint start with a section will easily fit on A4 By noting the measurement on the template for that section adjust Print size til the reduction equates to actual measurement on the paper (remember/ write down that reduction percentage) and apply to the rest of the template . You will have to have some over lap to line up. This will take time and patience. The cut and paste(sticky tape) sections together to give you the butt & breach component and same for the mag plate & rear sight base I hope this is some help. PS I've transferred my paper template to Styrene so never have to do that again
  2. Please enable me http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=13764 for 501st status
  3. Rear sight Mid Sight Fore Sight The only thing left in attachment of a 303 sling & a bit of wear & tare weathering I hope you guys like it
  4. Right side view Looking down the blaster from the side Right side Breech & cooling fins Fore end of the blaster from the right side view
  5. So here are my pic's of the near finish product hope you like them Right side view Fore end of Barrel Mid Section of barrel Aft end of the barrel Couplers & cooling fins Right side of breech & Pistol grip The butt with the cleaning compartment detail Yes I know that there is no trigger but because of Australian fire arms & prohibited law I played it safe with the law
  6. Pipe fitted to barrel, Forward sight. Stay tune for further developments
  7. Rear sight Breech detail Detail of the mag well Fitting of the well caps mid sight arg water pipe & brass tubbing Combine piping bent up to form the piping to go on the barrel
  8. Completed fins & Stock well caps Bogging & added styrene to form the detail of the rear sight base Screw to hold mag plate to breech
  9. Fitting, Gluing & bogging of the reducing section of the barrel ( Cut down plastic Drinking cups) Fitting & Gluing of arg pipe (representing ribbing on the barrel) Fitting & gluing in of the black rubber reducer for detail of the exit of the barrel
  10. Bogging to heighten the finishing detail of the rear of the breech assembly of the cooling fins Another dry fit just to get a feel of were I'm going next note: the detail on the breech
  11. PVC ring these ring will make up the barrel collars. More detailing of the Breech Drilled well to represent the cleaning pull through(top & bottom)
  12. Ring of PVC that will make up the non seen space of the 2 different gauges of pipe that will form the barrel The barrel end (small end) taped to be cut out flues to lessen weight. Exit end of barrel inner flaring(black rubber reducing link)
  13. Dry fit of the pipes & rough form stock just to give me & idea how it will look Detailed mag well Plate
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