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  1. I am waiting on my boots and I have to complete my thermal det. I am also needing to connect my shoulders to my biceps. Few things here and there….
  2. Making some progress. The ears for the helmet were A ROYAL PAIN IN THE @&$$ Still have things to clean up and fix before being approved. still have painting to do. I went with decals for now.
  3. Any advice on how to make the thermal detonator silver clips?? can I get them from a hardware store??
  4. I ordered one from Trooperbay and one from StormtrooperStore, I will let you know which one I like better! they should both be here soon.
  5. I am building an amor kit from MTK too!! I got mine a couple weeks ago. I am almost 6 foot with boots and rather “built” for a female (176 lbs i workout everyday) so far it’s fitting amazing. My build thread is sub par and lacking pictures but I’m working on adding more. keep us updated on yours!
  6. I just created an "imgur" account so I can upload better pictures of my build. I just read the post about how to upload pictures -__- I am not tech savvy... but getting there.....
  7. I am trying!!! Working late into the night.
  8. Day 3-4 Still trimming and gluing parts. Starting the legs tonight. E6000 smells as bad as everyone says. The cancer warning is refreshing. Hopefully wearing my balaclava keeps the carcinogens out…… I GOT MY E-11 BLASTER TODAY!!!
  9. I appreciate this. I left zero return edge on the forearms then have read about leaving some on the rest of the amor
  10. I am wondering how much return edge should be left
  11. Day 2 of trimming forearms and biceps Having trouble with the biceps. *** Update!!! A little about me: I have loved STAR WARS my whole life. I live in a small town near Houston, TEXAS. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from The University of Mississippi. I switched careers and currently teach 6th grade SCIENCE!!! I love to work out, play golf, and spend as much time with my 4-year-old son and husband. I am 29 years old. 5'11'' 176 lbs
  12. I ordered my amor kit through TrooperBay and it arrives in a week or so. Cant wait to put the blood, sweat, and tears into having my suit ready by October 28th. It probably won’t be 501st ready for a couple months though. I’m not sure the realistic length of time it will take me to complete my build.
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