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  1. Very cool! I want to know the armor types the 501st wore. They are now screen accurate no matter what the source. :D
  2. Fantastic! I joined the 501st way back in 1999 Years ago I sold my armor but I'm looking to get back into it all again I'll look around for answers on the forum but I'll ask a question here too. Is it possible to mod fx armor to look more accurate, and is it also possible to mod fx armor to hide the big gaps that tall TK's sometimes have between their armor parts that show a lot of the undersuit? I want to do it and have it look seamless.
  3. Hey all. I'm 6'4" and I am hoping to obtain elite status. I'm purchasing FX armor which I hope I can mod with the tips I've seen on this forum while lurking when waiting to get validated. Is height a factor? Will I get elite status if I can actually get all the specs down correctly but for my proportions? Thanks TK-725
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