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  1. Thanks, I will check out imgur. I see what you mean about the thighs, they could be a lot tighter on my thighs. It was the first fit so lots to learn etc.
  2. Doesn't seem to allow me to load more photos. Will try again later.
  3. This is the result of a quick test fit.
  4. Thanks guys for your replies and helpful links to information. I will have a good look around. So from reading the comments a suit based on the original suit by SDS isn't correct? Will be reading with interest what can be done to make it better. Thanks again.
  5. Hello All, I am a complete beginner to the Trooper scene having just bought a second hand SDS suit. I live in Scunthorpe which is a steel works town in the North of England. I have always been a Star Wars fan and have wanted a suit but never had the spare cash for one, they are a lot of money for something that in the words of my beloved " a fancy dress costume". She has a point but I still wanted one. So one popped up on Facebook and was local so I took the plunge. I'm an now a very happy person! The suit I have has a few repairs to be made and I am interested in the adjustment
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