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  1. The armor looks great !!! I would put the belt a little higher (1 finger more or less) as you say... Very good work Richard.
  2. Hello Alexander!!! Welcome to FISD, and good luck with your approval process!!!
  3. Hola Jesús. Me alegra que te hayas decidido a abrir este hilo. Seguro que vas a recibir un montón de ayuda. Además, ya se que cuentas con la ayuda de los centuriones de la Spanish . Veo que tienes muy claro lo que vas a ir haciendo, así que sigue trabajando así de bien. Creo que colocar el cinto, también te ayudará a cerrar un poco esas uniones laterales y asentar un poco todo. Esto te puede ayudar con el culete... Hello Jesus. I'm glad you decided to open this thread. I am sure you get a lot of help here. In addition, I already know that you have the help of the Spanish Garrison centurions. I see that you are very sure about what you are going to do, so keep working there well. I think putting on the belt will also help you close those side seams a bit.
  4. Good idea to order a 1.5mm sniper knee!!! I used cyanoacrylate with a drying accelerator(ready in 3 seconds, and only at the 3 main points of contact with the shin). Then I reinforced the rest of the joint with a glue similar to the e6000. Very good work. Congratulations !!!
  5. 21/04/21, 501 Congratulations Jonathan!!! Great job!!!
  6. Congratulations #499!!!!... Welcome to the ranks!!!!
  7. Hi Grave, excellent Photos!!! Good luck with your application!!!
  8. Hi Rob...I prefer Battlefront1(too many changes in BF2) ... Welcome to FISD!!!
  9. Hello Devin and welcome to FISD...
  10. Felicidades Guillermo!!!! Como dice Mario, próxima parada Centurión!!!! Congratulations Guillermo !!!! And as Mario says, next stop Centurion!!!!
  11. Congratulations Brett!!!! Your armor looks great!!! We hope to see you soon(submission for Centurion)!!!
  12. Hola Guillermo!!!. Me alegro de que hayas decidido presentar tu solicitud para EIB.... Tu armadura se ve genial, sólo un par de pequeños ajustes, que son sobre todo de colocación(fácil solución).Si necesitas ayuda o cualquier aclaración, solo tienes que pedirlo...Un saludo!!! Hi Guillermo!!!. Glad you decided to apply for EIB .... Your armor looks great, only a pair of small adjustments, (easy fix)... If you need help or any clarification, just ask ... Greetings!
  13. Welcome to the ranks!!!! Congratulations trooper!!!!
  14. Oh my gosh, this year couldn't have started worse...A lot of strength and courage...
  15. Congratulations Scott, awesome work(specially inside the helmet)!!! Welcome to the ranks
  16. Congratulations my friend!!! #491, you are now one of the "original 500"
  17. Great work Josh . I am sure that you will be one of the 500!!!
  18. Congratulations Alexander!!! You are now one of the "original 500" Awesome work...
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