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  1. Hey. so it finally worked, and i didnt have to buy a heatgun. 1. I got rid of the return edge 2. Applied some boiling water to the areas, to heat it up a bit. 3. Kept in the desired shape with some wood and fasteners. 4. Then i poured about 1 Liter of boiling water slowely on each side. 5. Let it cool down for roughly 2 hours. the back plate has the perfect shape now. I might have to add a little gab between the kidney plate and the back plate, but thats about it. thanx for your help guys, you’re amazing!!
  2. So i just tried that, and the ABS is not really bending. (RS Propmasters kit) I put the area in freshly boiled water for about 2-3 minutes, then took it out and tried to bend it. I feel that the plastic is slighty softer, but it doesnt stay where im trying to bend it. how important is the return edge on that area? I think that is preventing the bending. Should i trim it off? what am i doing wrong? thx
  3. Sounds good :p thank you for your support, i’ll let you know how it ends up.
  4. Hey, I had that in mind too, sounds like the best solution. By hot water, do you mean almost boiling? Or simply hot tap water? thank you
  5. Hey, and thx for the answer. Here is a picture which hopefuly helps explaining the problem. 1. the chest plate is currently detached from the ab plate for fitting purposes. 2. like this, the kidney and butt pieces sit perfectly, the ab plate too. Those 3 sit nice and tight. 3. But the upper back plate sits wrong and hurts, and the chest plate is really choking me. 4. If i pull everything up to make the upper back plate fit, then my butt cheeks come out too much, and my crutch is squeezed. 5. The whole armor is built with the original bracket method, including the chest plate which is detached at the time of this picture. 6. So i don’t know what to move around, where to create gaps, what to trim; to make everything sit nice and tight, and to be 501st approved, maybe even level 2 or 3. thank you guys
  6. Hey guys. i’m happy i found this thread!! I’m having the same issue. I have a RS Propmasters ANH self-build kit, including their straps. So the chest plate is choking me even though all the straps are nicely tight. So i was thinking to create a gap between the kidney piece and the main back plate, which is sitting way too low anyhow, this would prevent me from chocking. But i guess that the 501st doesnt like seeing gaps between plates? i’m a tall guy, 185cm or 6’1. The butt and kidney pieces sit nice and tight, but the back plate not at all, so adding a gap there would be my all in one solution. What do you guys think? thank you :)
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