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  1. Thanks will, in the future getting those biceps may be in the works. Good luck with the leg armor!
  2. lol, on a serious note. That is a really,really nice rifle though, thanks for all the links and info to build one jim
  3. Vern I did the same thing applying before my I got my TK# too, nice job sir, ahem...95 Congrats!
  4. Congrats on being the first in your garrison and making EIB sir.
  5. The BFG nice man. For some reason when you pulled the trigger I was expecting some like to happen
  6. Hey Will what is your height if you don't mind? Just looking at different pieces of your armoras you build to compare to RT, really like the thumb print on the biceps.
  7. Looks awesome, wish I could fit into one. Thank goodness for RT
  8. Wow these are nice , love looking through these because you can see stuff like the tape on the shoulder straps you would never notice watching through the movie. I'm telling you I was simply amazed when some of the screen fanatics here were telling me about details of a TK that never stood out to the normal eye. Thank goodness for the experience in prop building that is available here.
  9. Love my modified Hasbro from Casey, might get a hyperfirm though too in the future to fling around....
  10. Congrats Daniel !! Now about them cowboys....(cough,go raiders,cough) Happy New Year #92
  11. Merry Christmas to you too brother!
  12. Woot! Thanks Terrell and Eugene it is an honor to join you guys. What a Christmas present indeed. Thanks everyone for all the detailed information posted, couldn't be done without your help.
  13. Honestly...Love the old stop motion rudolph and frosty flicks Cornelius is my favorite, Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold.....
  14. Like the background in the photos, looks relaxing, congrats on your EIB armor. Looks clean.
  15. Heres the photos of the lenses and the PID from airgas in which the lenses were purchased. JAC3002845 1 ea 8.313 8.313 Jackson® Model 34-42 Dark Green Acetate Faceshield/Visor (Bulk Packaging) Helmet with iphone pic and brighter led light Lenses side by side, Standard RT lense (left) and new Jackson 34-42 (right) Lenses with helmet (tried to keep light flowing through bucket and lense
  16. hey Dan ! Just saw it as well in regular 3D 9:50 pm showing downtown. For me it was near second to the star wars films. Absolute beautiful world, and characters were awesome.
  17. The snaps work perfectly for accepting these that came with the chin strap. Here you can see some snaps that were used as washers for the screws that were screwed into the aerators, which have speakers that were wired and soldered with 18 guage speaker wire and held with adhesive cable clamps from radiashack. Those snaps are what I used for the lower straps and in addition I did 2 more below if I need future adjusting which could be used in place of the ones over the aerators. The upper snaps can be placed in this area and a good test fit with the chin strap being placed inside then marking a spot where the upper straps can lay flat at the proper angle for the male snap placement. Also the same for the lowers snaps. Some exccesive strapping can be cut off as long as you leave enough to play with for the final fit. Next I used a good coverage of E6000 on the backs of the squares cut with the set male snaps and let sit while gluing the marked areas inside the helmet for the upper and lower male snaps. Then after the male snaps were placed inside after the glue set and was tacky. Due to the potential stress of theses points I let the glue dry 24 hours then hit the edges with a bit more glue for extra holding power then waited another 24 hours. Then the chin strap was fitted inside and trimmed. Lastly the Chin strap was placed in the bucket. Pretty much any type of snap on chin strap can work for this or even a modified strap adjuster with riveted on snaps could be done. The chin strap is very comfortable and took away any movement or sway that was used to be present. Hope this helps someone out there I know its minor but I guess every bit of info available is what makes this detatchment so awesome! Happy Holidays fellow troopers.
  18. I'll take a blue milk please.. Thanks Paul, hope you have a nice holiday sir!
  19. My parents want to see this so it looks like well be going this weekend. I too thought they were talking about Avatar the airbender when I heard Avatar mentioned. Looks good though.
  20. TK9098 requesting 501st access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember...p;costumeID=124
  21. Thanks for the support guys!! Couldn't ask for a better garrison to be apart of.
  22. Hello. I'm not sure if this has been done yet but I just wanted to post another one of the many ways to add a chin strap At first I thought I could get by without one but found out that even with ample padding in the top and sides my bucket would still want to move just enough to block some vision. There are some great tutorials on hard hat liners but because with my bad combination of a different shaped noggin and total dislike of itchy forehead syndrome from the usual hardhat padding I looked for some padding. ACH padding "Advanced Combat Helmet" First I was set on some padding from -----but it was kind of pricy and didn't get approval from the boss. ----- So I did some searching on ebay and found some----- which is made by oregon aero or skydex and even GI stuff is great and can be found fairly cheap. All of these have loop side on the backing and the velcro discs are not neccesary. You're better off laying strips of your own adhesive back industrial velcro horizontally from either the back or front inside the helmet and even a long piece from side to side. This will provide you with better customization to move the padding around to get the perfect fit. If you search around you should find a good deal on these and you won't regret it, its super comfortable on your head and looks neat. Chin Strap After my first test fit around the neighborhood during halloween night with my kids after the sweat glands kicked in, my bucket started too sway ever so slightly just enough to block what already small field was present. This was very annoying and oh how I regreted not going the route of inserting a hard hatliner as suggested by many more experienced troopers. So the search began... When I saw ----- online, it was set because I really liked the carbon effect on it but the price was kind of a bit high. Fortunately they did not have the cheaper model so it was the UA one that was bought. It was a youth size but thats all they had other than some huge chinstraps that were buckle type. The method that was used to install the chin strap was going to be the snap method. What I used is pictured above. -E6000 glue -Line 24 snaps from ----- -Thick Vinyl with woven fabric backing from ----- First I cut 1'x1' squares and inserted the male snap posts in the center after poking a whole with a utility knive and then placed the male snap over and used the included setting tool with the snaps.
  23. Guys ...."We did it!!" :leia: Hope I got everything fixed here. Just got done going on my first troop with our garrison in the Modesto parade of lights! Super fun time there and we have some really friendly people in our garrison and I can't wait to meet others in trooping events. My main goal is to get in a few troops for the kids and charities here too. Hopefully I'll get the chance to be off work when one these takes place. Well thanks for your time and have a happy holiday season everyone!
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