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  1. Nice looking armor Terry. You picked a good place for those photos they look fantastic.
  2. Awesome Matt it looks like your really putting some time into your project and its incredible, hope to see your droideka and you in person some day. Your a talented guy. Will you be going to CV?
  3. Even though I never purchased anything from you, it didn't stop you from pointing me in the right direction with questions on different blasters and parts. Thanks for all your time spent in helping guys like me out. Best of luck sir /salute
  4. Thanks everyone for the compliments, it means alot. I've contacted Scott with our local garrison and the paperwork is underway!! Hope to see you guys around in the future events. God bless.
  5. Hey Daniel!! Sorry its been a while, can't wait to get out there with you guys. I'll definitely contact him tomorrow. VaderDave got back with me on the button so its looking good for the parade. I'm going to work on painting the barrel and the thermal boxes. Can't wait to get out there! Thanks guys for the advice!!
  6. For some reason between the lights and the camera flash I couldn't get the lens to come up green. I did change the lense to a Cutout Jackson faceshield 34-42 as suggested by other troopers to avoid flash through, looks like its working too good, Ill submit a side by side with the extra lense I cut out of the faceshield. Thanks for the compliments on the room, back in the younger days it was a Star Wars apartment cloaked with 2 of those 100' Taco Bell Feel the Force banners, action figures etc. and the motion Darth Vader bank on top of the toilet ..nothing like hearing the force is strong with this one when having to do your thing along with the lightsaber that was the perfect nightlight. Now The room and space allowed is getting smaller and smaller hense the loft..
  7. Thanks for the heads up Mark, after all the reading I should have caught that. Wasn't quite sure if I saw some other posts here a while back with a similar situation or not. Thanks for checking out the post though. Did you see anything that I should do to be ready after getting my TK number? Probably should have just asked for critiques in the ANH section before posting here, sorry guys
  8. UPDATED 12-15-09 Finally I have had the time to get the photos taken. Its been done since the Modesto, California parade of lights on the 5th of this month but the darn holidays are strangling me right now. Vaderdave is awesome, he has helped tremendously with the button fiasco. Well here they are...... E-11 painted chamber Drop box repair My puppy dog face hoping to get EIB ...and last my new 501st CCG TK9098 action photo WOOT!! RT-Mod Armor Lense Shot #1 Lense Shot #2 Front w/o helmet Doopy Doo's Hasbro/ Mark II hybrid E-11 Right E-11 Back E-11 Left E-11 Front, Black tape to cover red LED, which might get touched up inside the barrel area E-11 Top
  9. After 8 stretched out here and there months 75 snaps (40 glued), 4 tubes of E6000 and hogging up the living room a.k.a. work shop its done. ...Well almost A ab button went missing on a neighborhood trick or treat test run with the kids, a BOLO is already in place I also emailed VaderDave about it and if I can find the instuctions that came with the set I believe the info is in there somewhere. Since he is retiring from ongoing runs to run here and there according to the recent post. Well here are the pics. Special thanks to Rob, RT-Mod maker who made it possible to a 6'3 220 lbs guy!! Launchpad for the loud speakers, Chazz for the awesome belt, Bernard for ANH holster, Riveting maker of elite neckseals, and Doopy Doos, Casey for a incredible Hasbro/ Mark II hybrid E-11 and every trooper here for your input and replies that made the tutorial possible to assemble my armor. Hope to see you guys trooping in the near future!! RT-Mod Armor RT-Mod Action shot in the Star Wars loft Close up on the bucket Lense Shot Front w/o helmet Right Side Left Side Back Shot Doopy Doo's Hasbro/ Mark II hybrid E-11 Right E-11 Back E-11 Left E-11 Front, Black tape to cover red LED, which might get touched up inside the barrel area E-11 Top
  10. Thanks guys for all the help . I picked up a mic from radioshack yesterday it is a unidirectional like you guys suggested , it was last one in the store and they were out of stock on their website . Model number is 33-3012 headset microphone . I sure on the speakers so I pm'd launchpad and I guess hes working on a restock...
  11. Hello fellow troopers. Just a quick question on the trooper comm interface for anybody with experience with these. Would the speakers that launchpad are selling or stomper work ok or would a amp/speaker be suggested to use with it such as the small talk? Just got the last of the snaps on the armor glued and waiting on the UA and belt from Chazz and getting ready to start on the helm electronics and Hasbro mod . Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Adam
  12. forgot to add if you buy in store at 4" its a couple bucks at most. was enough to make about 40 snap squares and then some.
  13. I'm using tandy leather line 24 snaps as described here on the boards with some heavy duty polyurethane white vinyl that is very thick and very flexible, plus the E6000 will soak into the backside and contour to the armor shape, working so far so good.
  14. Thanks Damian ! Went with Under Armor Heatgear leggings and crew shirt, got the all black tactical hood for winter and to help darken the inside of the bucket. Just in case anybody else is looking after reading some reviews ,apparently there are three versions of heat gear...the scarce Turf gear, older models (start with 100 in the Product ID) and the newer thicker stuff that starts with 120 in the Product ID. There is always someone here willing to help others on this forum, which is awesome, thanks!!
  15. Which of the following is a better all season undersuit for our weather or is used by TK's in like weather? It can get pretty hot but cold weather isn't to bad I guess. -------- Cold Gear thrown in there because maybe it might not be to hot in it and might be set if there was a troop out of state. Under Armour is exspensive so was hoping to get the right one the first shot. Really not sure about the onsie but kind of thought Under Armour has evolved since that was first introduced, yet its nostalgia does kind of grab me... Appreciate any feedback and sorry to beat a dead horse but I've only found recent posts on the UK racing suits. Thanks !
  16. Hey probably this is a perfect example why it shouldn't exist! I'm not an owner of any other armour than a suit of RT-Mod and I can tell you that it is not in the same category as FX I'm 6'2 210lbs and nowhere near the word "Chubby" and while I'm assembling my armour I'm looking at 3 different officially published books and a lifesize standup while with a keen eye comparing them to TK 300's and the wealth of photos here on the forums ....this armour is pretty accurate. Maybe not same materials and minor details of the like of TM or TE2 category but its well made. I'm extremely picky and for my size and money it was the perfect fit and many others here agreed and thankfully saved me from a purchase of a rubies catastrophe. Sorry for the rant but I'm not much of a poster but I have read my fair share of posts here and have learned a heck of alot about armour and details I honestly never paid attention to until now. Thanks guys!!!
  17. I used to play but quit about 2 mos. ago .....was taking too much time raiding. TOR ....now that looks like my kind of game !!!
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