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  1. Looks awesome Dan! Can't wait to see your newly revised TX in person. You did a great job matching everything.
  2. Was reading through the pages of posts in this thread and wanted to cheer you guys on!! Hope you guys meet your goals looks like everybody is on their way to doing it
  3. Nice looking armor James. AM is making a name for itself here Cheers on getting approved.
  4. Congrats on getting er' done Kevin, looks good! Thats one pearly white belt you go there.
  5. Cool vid. Just got my romfx a few days ago too. We must be out of the same batch! Going to work on making a cloth bag to set the romfx in behind the chest plate. How are you going to get yours attached?
  6. Try taking the velcro and belt to a shoe repair shop if your lucky enough to have one. They have the industrial sewing machines and usually charge 5-10 bucks at the most to get it on for you. Had to shorten mine and our local shop charge me 7.00 to remove the velcro shorten the belt and reattach. My sewing skills are not up to imperial standards as well
  7. Nice find. Looks like they are on BO unfortunately...... Never thought to check with Dollar Tree. Got a pr of Hatch gloves but need a rubber set for when a troop calls for them.
  8. Nice job Terry! Really, really like those suspenders you built. Are we going to have to check out the EIB app for a completed armor photo?
  9. Wow! Nice guide terry. You must have a really nice shop going to be able to make all those detailed cuts. For the guys who have access to some good tools your guide is extremely detailed as usual from you. Thanks panda for sharing your tutorials with us.
  10. Congrats Trevor! Good luck with your wifes build you lucky guy you
  11. Nice job Martin your armor looks great man! Welcome to the club sir.
  12. Sorry to hear about your tk being stolen. I'll be sure to keep an eye out when I browse ebay. Although chances are slim I wish you best of luck on getting it back. What comes around goes around, he'll get his in one way or another, it always works out that way
  13. Actually, after looking at them, I could trim each side and butt them together...then tape them from behind...then add finishing strip and glue. I just need to match up the finishing strip with the butt and make sure they are both the same width...15mm for the arms and 20mm for the legs...now...How to remove super glue. Cyanoacrylate....will Acetone hurt ABS? You didn't use E6000? Ouch You shouldn't need a finishing strip with RT if it fits when overlapping. The pieces you have glued already look fine after the painters tape is taken off. If there are some remnants that can't be picked out maybe a small bead of good white silicone can be used? Nice job on the blaster. Looks like your build is moving along pretty well too.
  14. Snap it is not secure on your holster??? Just kidding, nice job on your armor looks good and wish you luck on getting EIB.
  15. Sorry you didn't make it in the first 100, but your in like flynn now!!! Congrats on getting it done, you look happy in your pics and rightfully so. Nice job on the armor, welcome aboard sir,
  16. I know it's late but those pictures are really good and make it easier for others to have some reference on their builds too! Congrats on making EIB!
  17. Seen a working stock vintage e11 gor for 50 something on a early early morning auction about 5 months back but was already fixed up with a casey special. Cool looking bat blaster, batty must have got a weapons tip from the other dark knight...
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