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  1. Here ya go. ----------- I will clean some before shipping or 100% if I'm finishing them. Thx Mathew
  2. You know with the stage I'm at I could potentially try, why not. I'll let you know what comes of it. Mathew
  3. Troopers, these are now ready if you are still interested, just let me know how you want it, if you wanted it painted ($100) or rough (no paint-no prep $60), fiberglass add $25 ( adds weight too though ), metal cable add $15. Thx Mathew PP is mathewsrp@hotmail.com
  4. So far guys, testing is on a 1.5"-2.0"X1.75"X1.75. The unit can get no smaller, but by changing the configuration of the unit I could custom install it in the bucket if I had it. For additional fees, of course. This will be a standardized unit for ease of manufacturing and simplicity. Testing of different designs is how we do it. Thx for asking. Mathew
  5. Yea I got that padding from someone on here....hmmm. Just kidding. Works and looks good though. The helmet is smaller than a tk and still fits me and I wear a 7.5 beret. Fans would need to be mounted above the lenses. Rom FX would still work if the mic was the only thing in the bucket. Thx for the questions. Mathew
  6. Well... lets see if any of you are interested in this. ---------- I built them just like the dictionary, check. I have this in kit form, either painted and finished for $100 or rough at $60. The metal cable is to be purchased by you. The bucket shown is my personal TD bucket. Used smooth on for the molds, and I did it in the bucket. Colors are mixed to match, so there is no set standard, just try and get it like the dict. pic. Don't worry the A/C is still in the works. Ordering has a small lag time for prep on painted orders, others will be cast roughed and shipped ASAP. Will fit F/X to EP II Clones are the same guts(Any pics on the 1/2 scale EP II Insides?) So for all you that always wanted your bucket to look that way here it is. I do this for the greater empire. Mathew
  7. Due to the duct being a thin walled rubber without insulation any retained cooling would be eaten up before reaching the bucket, I know how it gets under the armor. To do that you would have to up the size if the unit, and that is possible, but it would cost more too. Thx Mathew
  8. Will be testing performance on each unit using different Bat type and size for duration NiCd, Li, regular, and rechargables, might be nice to add a recharging plug, possible small solar flex panel carried in behind the chest plate with velcro, they are water proof too, might run about $0-50 check online, you could even mod the unit yourself, I will include where best to install the plug and socket in the wiring diagram. WB/DB with drops in temp and the most lightest and best possible efficiency with test procedure for each unit included. Rough dimension will be (LXWXH) 1.5"-2.0"X1.75"X1.75". Soon. Thx troops. Mathew
  9. No tubes, this is not liquid, but you could run the power wires from your pack if your going to be in costume for a long time. You all can modify this as you like after I set it up as universal. Thx Mathew
  10. It's in the re-design phase for lighter weight in the bucket. Right now It needs 8 AA to run. Haven't tested duration yet. This would come with small flexible rubber duct to hug the inside of your bucket, think of a crazy straw, but rectangular. These will have overheat auto shut off and will re-engage after cool down. Can also include a reversing switch to reverse the need for cold or hot air. It works!, but not yet. I will only have a run of 2 at this time and I will keep them up to date on the progress. When they are ready I will pm for payment to Paypal. This is an original design by me. I have been in mech. HVAC design for 13 years. If you don't mind a little weight on your bucket for that cold air, I'm working on the idea of Li batteries, but they don't last like regular batteries. These will be the most efficient I can make with the products available. You will also be able to transfer this to other buckets utilizing velcro for everything. It will come in a small kit form with ease of assembly kept simple. As far as price for heat or cold air in the bucket... What would you pay! I'm thinking about all involved just to make 2 for now. $175. Possibly shipped. Thanks for your time. If you want the list can begin, but there will be a first come basis. NO MONEY YET! I WILL LET YOU KNOW THROUGH PM!!!! Interest for now. SOON! This is listed on other forums, I will go by who commits at what time posted. Snooze you Wait. Thx Troops.
  11. Have still been on it a little at a time. No pics yet, soon though. Thanks for the continued interest. I can't wait. Still no leg movement though. It's always $ and this project comes last according to the other half Thank Mathew
  12. I have a never ending supply of these. An upgrade is soon. Thanks for your compliment. Mathew
  13. Upgraded Micro speakers are now rated at 1.5 W each and still 17mm in diameter so they will still fit inside TB, FX, Hovi, and Clone Helmet Aerators. Works great with RomFX, RomFX Pro, and many other small portable amplifiers. These are the same speakers that come inside the portable Ipod mini speaker sets. Excellent audio and sound FX reproduction capabilities. I have re-engineered these again and installed in my clone helmet with the Rom FX Pro and they work great. Turn down the sound first before testing them. Like all speakers, you can blow them. You can PM me for unit specs and pictures. I have 300 sets available and am taking orders now. Orders will now ship next day after MO or PP is received and cleared.Money Orders post to Mathew Parrott 2200 Crescent Dr Abilene Tx 79605 or Paypal accepted. $11 USD for 1 set (2 speakers) (ADD $1 USD for Credit/Debt Cards) includes shipping anywhere Can combine multiple orders Thank you and Have a great day. (PS. PP is mathewsrp@hotmail.com) Upgraded Mini Speaker : AK-1708EA-5W ITEM SPECIFICATIONS 1 Type Dynamic speaker 2 Dimension External diameter 17m 3 Rated Input Power 1.5 W. 4 Max. Input Power 2.0W for 1 minute. 5 Impedance 8 ohm � 15% at 2K Hz 6 Resonance Freq (Fo)900 Hz � 20% at Fo, 1V 7 Sensitivity (S.P.L.) 99dB( 1.5W/0.1m) � 3 dB at AVE 1.0K,1.2K,1.5K,2K Hz. � 97dB( 1W/0.1m) � 3 dB 8 Frequency Range Fo � 20K Hz 9 Ttl Harm Dist Max. 10% at 1K Hz ,1.0W. 10 Voice Coil Diameter 8.5 mm 11 Magnet Rare earth permanent (Ferrite) magnet Φ8.2 x 1.2 mm 12 Weight 1.4g � 0.3g 13 Appearance Should not exist any obstacle to be harmful to normal operation; damages, cracks, rusts and distortions, etc. 14 Operation Test Must be normal at program source 1.5W 15 Buzz, Rattle, etc. Should not be audible at 3.46V sine Wave between Fo to 20KHz 16 Polarity When positive voltage is applied to the terminal marked (+), diaphragm should move to the front. 17 Term Stgth Capable of withstand 1kg load for 30 seconds without resulting in any damage or rejection. 18 Temperature Operating temperature: -20℃ to +60℃ Storage temperature: -30℃ to +70℃ ----------- Please Note: The speaker must be installed in the aerator or equivalent sound casing (enclosure) for the maximum acoustic level to be produced, in other words volume. Example: Cup the speaker in your hand and notice the increase in volume. All speakers have this effect. The more air tight behind the speaker, the louder the volume will become. With some experimenting, the right size enclosure will maximize the level of sound produced. There must be some sort os small area behind the speaker, like a home speaker has a speaker box. Any questions just e-mail me at mathewsrp@hotmail.com. Thank you
  14. Thank you, sorry for the trouble. Mathew
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