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    Family, Fishing, Scuba, Horses, Mountain Biking, Medieval History and TROOPING!
    The Holy Crusades and the military orders that evolved from them.

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  1. Anyone using one, made one, or know someone that's producing one?
  2. Trooping a few parades this year and in need of Santa hat to fit the ole bucket. I've seen the topic pop up on here around this time but have never really been in the market till now. Any sources one could please share, again? Thank you!
  3. Wasn't even there an hour and got my limit!
  4. Thanks Christaan! If it wasn't for you I would of never attempted the build. Love the furballs in the video clip!
  5. Actually we added the accessories to this particular blaster
  6. Wow, really? So, technically It really wasn't really necessary to add the counter & power cylinders, correct?
  7. Curious if my blaster appears acceptable for ANH EIB? Thanks for looking
  8. Best of luck.. looks good! But defiantly bring your belt up, and are your hand plates on the wrong hands? Might want to double check?
  9. Hey! TK-Mark, how are you? I saw you are "Bloodfin" and had to add you as a pal. :) More snow today - yea! Guess who is going to bug the crap out of you when she gets her armor. Yep! haaa haaaa.... glad to see fellow Hoosiers! Jenny

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