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  1. Thanks for sharing man. You guys look like you are a great group and everyone looke genuinely excited to be there! Hope you continue to enjoy trooping as much as we all do. Make sure you go to CVI...CV was me and my wife's first big convention and I can't even began to explain the level of excitement there.
  2. Congrats on your photo-op! Looks interesting, but come on 500 bucks???? Yeah maybe a Non-Limited version will hit in the future....
  3. We shall double our efforts....

  4. If it's possible may I ask that my EIB photo be updated to this photo? When I was originally approved I really didn't have access to a decent camera. The photo there is pretty bad and plus I'm 25lbs lighter now! Thanks a bunch!! Here's a direct link as well, just in case http://i616.photobucket.com/albums/tt247/jedifoster/IMG_8499.jpg
  5. Wow! It's Alive!!! It's Alive!! Yeah you guys are right about not worrying so much, Im going to shoot AP another pm right now..
  6. Well I've got very quick responses back from ATA and AP and now it comes down to deciding which one ... The ATA was a little more glossy but with a good shine they could match pretty well. Thanks for mentioning the difference in color between AP and ATA. That may be the avenue to take since RT mod us slightly lighter in color than ATA. Appreciate the help everyone!
  7. Thanks for the Vote of confidence! I really wanted to keep everything the same out of respect for the sculpters work but trying to tighten them up just wasn't working. The top would be to pointy and the heat gun couldn't break ball-like form near the top without shrinking the surrounding area.
  8. With all the franken suits out there has anybody tried this? A friend brought over a scrap piece of plastic from ATA and it has a very slight color difference but not noticeable outside. Inside though with a trained eye you can tell but doesn't look bad. Wonder if AP is any different? Are there any tricks to blend ABS armors together? Really want to get more arch in bells and would like to avoid bondo and painting and still having them not match as close anyway. Thanks for any help!!
  9. Good luck brother!! It's worth it knowing that your recognized for putting in the extra effort and getting to sport the EIB banner. Plus you'll get that uber gold EIB coin
  10. Thanks for the heads up! I'll shoot doopy doos an email and see what the differences are between it and the mark III kit he was going to make. I can't take full credit for the blaster, Casey did most of the work. I did the trigger,some minor assembly,epoxy on the scope lens, repaint and weathering the blaster. You definitely have my vote on DD's stuff I just don't get the whole no hasbro at all thing though. There are good builds from both pipe and the hasbro. If it's a matter of just length,etc let the guys add the length and strip it down and add to meet the standards. Especially if the hasbro has been stripped down everything minus the electronics. Why not give someone the chance to meet the standards and keep the electronics and disable them/remove batteries and plug the light for canon events? Sorry for the rant fellas but I wish I was not so busy at work and had a chance to chime in when the centurion deal was voted on...Heck I just found out about there now being a whole other website with folks splintering off and the bit.
  11. I'd really like to go centurion but it looks like I have to buy a hyperfirm or build one...In the meantime I'll remain a lowly trooper with my non realistic Hasbro
  12. This is ridiculous... Fellow troopers fighting over pipe and a toy Both are inaccurate if you want to be honest...and both can look great.
  13. Hi Anthony, thanks for the heads up on the photos!! Heres a link to what pictures we got of WonderCon and of the 501st shoot Everything in the album was just put in their at the moment but I'll put them in order later! http://s616.photobucket.com/albums/tt247/jedifoster/WonderCon%202011
  14. Nice job on the photo, appreciate the time spent on this!
  15. Another good trick that works well that I learned from somebody here was to add elastic inside of the bicep instead of the outside which will still look screen accurate on the outside even though you cant see the bicep strap. Ill take a pic and post it later after I get home from some errands if it'll help.
  16. Sounds like a standalone thing there. You are a very understanding person, especially since you helped back when you first started selling your goods here, thanks again and hope you dont let that person ruin your enjoyment of helping others.
  17. Cool Ill be sure to give you a hearty hello Lou, see you there!!
  18. Glad you found something that will work out. Your bucket and boxers looks pretty clean. Some guys goe simple with their pads but stuff like this and the ACH/MCH pads feel great on your dome. I've got a chin strap cut down from a football helmet and coupled with padding like what you guys have it makes for a lock tight fit. Looks great fellas
  19. Sorry had a long busy week at work and missed your reply,just finished reading the thread though Brian . Looks like I'll have to look into adding an Aker Amp. The default speaker that romfx sends out is pretty good. It must be crazy loud if the Aker doubles it capabilities...awesome! Darktrooper just gave me some of that nifty foam, its cool stuff and it looks like you gotta a heck of an idea there. You guys must work in a similar place? Well off to researching the "Aker"
  20. After fooling around with different setups with the Romfx in the bucket, also a RT-Mod I ended up going with ditching the hovi speakers and using the supplied speaker in the chest. Night and Day difference. I seriously doubt you can even find a set of Hovi speakers that will compare. In a room setting it sounds great, but outdoors...in a convention etc. no way you can compare the two. You did find the only sweet spot in the helmet though..its a tight fit to add anything in the smaller version of the RT Mod helmet with a normal size melon.
  21. I'll also see you there as well! Are you going to the Imperial bash as well?
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