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  1. At Weird Al I was asked if i was wearing lifts... (I'm a taller trooper
  2. TK-54210 Requesting Access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19059
  3. Is it just me or does this recaster's bucket look like its winking. . Trying to get frosty with the lady rebels.
  4. I will be sure to document my 'brown box day' and put it up on the build forums. Anything besides more research that I can do before to get me on track with the 501st? I've already jumped on the stargarrison recruit FB page and made a login on the stargarrison website.
  5. Tim, I heard whispers you would be along! Thanks for catching up with me. I actually sprung and got a full commission from RS. It sounds weird, but by the time i go and research and buy all the accessories i need to complete my setup, the cost difference is really not that much. Hence, I will be going for Centurion status. Anything else would be a waste of the fine piece of art RS produces. I will be picking around to see what modifications i need to make to get approved as Centurion. Can't wait to get out and troop!
  6. I ordered from RS Prop! Should have it in a couple of months!
  7. It looks like height really doesn't pose an issue for the RS-Mod. Do you know what approval level (I.E. centurion) your tall trooper buddy is at? Does the spacing pose issues on that front?
  8. Possibly, yes, I'm mainly just looking for some direction.
  9. I have been doing a lot of reading, and I wouldn't touch ebay with a ten foot Gaffi Stick. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. Will do! I went ahead and requested to join on FB. Any other steps i should take?
  11. I am new around these parts, and I wanted to consult some of the taller troopers about what armor or armors would be best for me. I'm 6' 2" and about 205 lbs. 42" chest 36" waist. I like the RS armor, but i'm worried it will look wrong due to my height. RT-Mod seems a little less accessible, but maybe the way to go. Thoughts?
  12. Hello from San Antonio, Texas! My name is Kyle (24) ,and I am another Star Wars fanatic that has decided to take the plunge and start costuming. I am very close to making my long term investment in some "white armor". RS Prop Masters looks like a fine establishment, but I'm still kicking around if their kits will be ok for a 6'2" Tall, 205 lbs guy. Any thoughts are welcome. Looking forward to this journey!
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