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  1. Awesome. Thanks. I havent found anyone in my area yet. So i figured id seek em out.
  2. Hows it going everyone. Im looking for anyone in the fresno,visalia, tulare and bakersfield area. I just recently bought an AM kit. And i know i will be needing some help. I will of corse try myself first, and read all the threads. But i do know ill.need some hands on help. If anyone is in those areas, will you drop me a pm. Im willing to travel to you for the help. Plus. Once i get my armor done, we could troop together. Thank you in advance
  3. So i called around, an every hardware store said plasti dip is used for coating the ends of tools to give it a grip... An that it doesnt get hard. Is this true? Im currently in the prosess of using that truckbed liner. Which doesnt seem to be giving tha back where the hovis will go any sort of support. Its paper thin, to where i can accualy poke threw it with my finger. But we shall see.
  4. i accualy have a rom, and airships hovis. they are very nice. but arent that loud. i am thinking of switching to the speaker that came with my rom. or using those dual headphone jack they sell at walmart and target, and running both hovi speakers and rom speaker. ------------
  5. I run a rom/fx with a set of hovi speakers from airship. They are magnificent quaility, but again, they are only loud enough for indoor use. An when i say indoor, i mean in your house. I am accualy going to be running the hovi speakers AND a chest speaker. Airships speakers are very reasonably priced. An i highly reccommend them as well as a rom/fx. Thats my 2cents
  6. The decals are next on my list. Then the helmet eill Be completely 100% done. Im just using what i have for now since this took a dump on me, an decided it wanted to choke out and stall everytime i let off the gas or take it out of park!! So pretty much my armor fund is becominh less each day.
  7. Pictures of my AP lid with brians padding are up in my AP esb build thread!! Thanks a bunch brian. I beyond appreciate it!!!
  8. Finaly padded. And all thanks to mr. soldermaster!!! Its set up like my rt-mod. Cause......its beyond comfy! I put some screen type weather stripping around the eyes. Im not sure why. Maybe in one of my many unsober states i thought it was pure genious! But. It is pretty neat. I noticed the AP helmets fit alot more snug with padding. I took out my rt-mod padding, an i couldnt get my head in, then when i did, my entire face was smashed forward! But it works....not too pretty, but works I did thin down the back padding. But now this helmet feels like my rt-mod! I love it! May not be the pretties thing on the inside, but it sure is comfortable! Thanks a gazillion soldermaster(brian) for the padding! Its perfect and your a life saver!
  9. To find a ninja in white, you will have to have it ordered, or have it painted! Unless you like hondas. The cbr600s come in white!
  10. Im really happy with the fan. My lid is getten pretty heavt. An im not too worried about heat. I live in the central calley of ca, where its 100+ degrees in the summer/fall. An ive competed in paintball for over 4 years in the heat and summer, so im very use to hott helmets/face maskes. But i may have to try out his other fan like you said. Who knows, i may be introduced to a new tk heat.
  11. So heres my fan set up. It blows a bit on my lenses and my face. I have no clue how good it works yet, since i have trooper my lid yet. But it seems fine!!
  12. dude, i dont own armor. i wear my helmet to take out the garbage, just sitting watching tv. you name it! im hopen it just magicaly attaches to my head without the use of gorrilla glue. i would love to wear my bucket when my band plays. but things tend to get rowdy, and im too paranoided to take it with me
  13. sick! i cant wait! my AP bucket will finaly be complete!!! and as for the fan setup, ill post pics later tonight. i accualy stole the location from eric. its pretty spiffy. again, you cant feel any of the wiring or box.
  14. Score! I never mind offering myself up for experiments!
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