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  1. I’ve received my TK-Talkie. I had connected my amp, mic, and power, started the amp and all worked well. I encountered a little trouble with the unit shutting down, but it was my fault, the battery was putting out more amperage than I’d thought. I switched to the proper battery and all was well. The only change I’d made was adding my TK ID, which somehow appears 3 times in the drop down when starting. I went to to try it today, to actually get into the app and tweak things and generally play around. My TK ID still appears 3 times, and the unit worked (background sound effects). I decided to delete my TK ID to start fresh, I have not yet changed my passcode from the one sent with the instructions. In the drop box, I have TK-Talkie and Add new profile. No matter what I choose, the app says there is no Bluetooth connection. My iPhone 6 is up to date. I’m assuming I screwed myself somehow by deleting my TK ID. I’m basically locked out of the app and I’ve tried to get back in with no luck. I’ve downloaded the Lightblue app and it still detects my TK ID that I’d used as a profile name. When powered on, the orange LED above the card is solid, the smaller LED blinks. I’ve just noticed that the Lightblue app does not consistently detect a BLE signal. How do I reset the app or get back in ? Thanks for any help anyone may have.
  2. Jimmi, where do you post that things are available for sale/ have a list? I didn't see anything here mentioning it nor in the For Sale thread. <br><br> I need to know where to look to keep track of this. Super deluxe work !!!<br><br> Thank You,<br><br> Tim
  3. Every time someone writes "Rouge One", instead of "Rogue One", they owe me a dollar.
  4. Timmer

    Rogue One

    Here are some names of the Troopers. I'm not sure if they are code names for production use, or "in universe" names. <br><br><br><br> Black armored Troops are Death Troopers or Death Squad Troopers<br><br><br> Troops with a slightly TB styles helmet are Scarab Troopers<br><br><br> There are also Pinnacle Troopers and "Shark Yellow" Troopers. I'm guessing the last one is a code name. <br><br><br><br><br> No Shadow Troopers named yet. As of right now they are still not canon, with the possible exception of being in Battlefront. Personally, I think they just ran out of characters to play on the Imperial side. <br><br><br> The tank Trooper in the teaser is different, and could possibly be one mentioned above. <br><br><br><br><br> The general audience sees Stormtroopers when they watch this teaser. We see every little piece of a TK. If they are a little different from ANH, so what? We may find it sloppier looking or something like that, but maybe there is a reason, like ability to move, as mentioned before. <br><br><br> If you don't want to wear an R1 TK, you don't have to. If you want to mod your armor, you can.
  5. Benji, your quote says "in quest for accuracy", you've made my point for me, yet you disagree. To each, his or her own I guess.
  6. I think the FX helmets look pretty bad in comparison to most others available, IMO. If your head doesn't fit in one of the decent buckets, then don't be a TK. I'm not tall enough to be Vader, unless I wear ridiculous looking platform boots, which would be silly. If I went at my height, also silly. I can't get mad or make someone change the costume criteria, it is what it is Same goes for any costume that you can't fit into properly. It also drives me insane when I see a non-helmeted character wearing glasses. It completely ruins the image. I realize people need to see, I wear contacts myself, but once again, wear something with a bucket or mask or get contacts just for trooping. the glasses thing just really kills me. We have so many stringent requirements for costumes, but glasses get to slide by ? Ok, rant finished and apologies to all bespectacled folks out there, nothing personal, just a pet peeve.
  7. Thanks for the explanation ! To be honest, I rarely troop in my TK since I've made the Fett, but I like to be accurate. I'm at EIB level, but it would be nice to eventually get a better E-11 than what I have. Thanks again, Tim
  8. I haven't been on here in ages, mainly because I've been trooping in my ESB Fett. I noticed that under the ANH requirements, there was a note that says Hasbro blasters are not allowed, even conversion. I was wondering when this took effect and why. I was approved back in 2008 with a hasbro/doopydoo's E-11 and now I'm wondering if I need to obtain a new E-11 for trooping. There are still threads about Hasbro's and conversions, so I'm a bit confused. Thanks for your help.
  9. If I'm standing with a woman posing for a pic and her husband/ boyfriend is taking the pic, I'll usually ask, "Is he with you?" or " Are you together?" and when they say yes, I reply, "oh, sorry" or "too bad for me". I usually do it if I'm in my Fett not so much in the TK. And I only do it when it seems appropriate, you have to gauge the people you're with and say it sort of tongue-in-cheek. It always gets a chuckle.
  10. I bought some ABS sheets, cut them to size, and then softened them a bit with a heat gun to get the curve. They are velcroed onto my armor. When I take my armor out of it's tote, I grab the suspenders. Attached to these are the front/ab, which is cut at the cod section and held by velcro to be flexible. On the back of the suspenders, are the kidney and butt. I never remove the side ab from the kidney, that way the velcro doesn't wear out as quickly. I pull the susps over my head, snap the butt/cod underneath, then fasten the ab sides to velcro inside the front ab. I also have elastic which connects the butt ( at the sides ) to the front ab. It keeps the butt snug and the proper shape. Some guys use fabric in roughly the same way. At some point I will lose enough weight to get rid of the sides ! I find that the sides being tight also helps my posture too. Like a plastic corset I guess.
  11. I've heard from some guys that the 9 volts drain very quickly, and yet others say that they work just fine. Anyone had any experience either way ?
  12. Ryan, I didn't really answer your question before. Here is a link to wiring speakers.---------- I believe you would want to wire them in Parallel. I ran 2 ( + ) wires, one to each speaker, and 2 ( - ) wires, one to each speaker, ( from my voice amp ). I think that is the correct way. I used to play bass guitar quite a bit and was even an amateur sound guy, but I seem to have forgotten a lot LOL ! I didn't have to do much wiring anyway. My skill was more in mixing ! Good luck my friend !
  13. I had the set up that consisted of the walmart amp ( gutted ) and the Hovis. It worked very well, but I wanted more volume. I currently have a memorex wireles rig connected to a Smalltalk voice amp. It seems to do the trick. For static and clicks, I just blow into the mic or make the sound. I think the mini speakers can handle only so much wattage. I connected a bigger amp to them and it was too much distortion. Like I said, they work very well, but match your amp source to the speakers.
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