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  1. but if you are willing to work at it you can make any kit fit your frame... here is a picture of us at The Clone Wars movie release in the projection room... if you look at TK-176 she is a shorter than all the other TK's and she has a an FX kit... she did a bunch of trimming even on the forearm pieces. but it is possible. TK-4720 who is standing next to her is about 6' to give you a height reference since I'm not sure how tall Gabby is. -lor
  2. We have two Toys 4 Tots drives this weekend, in Albuquerque... One on Saturday and on on Sunday. -lor
  3. I'm sure some people know about the Fathead Stormtrooper and if you know about it they have a pretty high rez picture on their website... But I figured it was a pain to go to their website every time to see the close up details so I took a few screen shots and stitched them together in photoshop. the file is about 5 meg so I'm not going to have it show up here as an image... but if you want it the file is here: http://www.starwars.redlor.net/501st/TK-highrez.png -lor
  4. all I have to say is poodoo... I didn't want to have to do that much work to my CE... but after seeing what the helmet can look like how can I not? -lor
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