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  1. Hi, Prior to continue with your review, you'll need to make some fix to your E11 Blaster. remove the Ammo counter and power cylinders. According to the CRL for EIB Level , for the required E11 blaster CRL: No ammo counter shall be present. No power cylinders on the magazine housing. Reference Images
  2. Hi , Welcome to FISD. Let us know how we can help.
  3. Hi Angie, I'll be making your review. There are some missing photos that I'll need you to add please. Helmet Details 18. ___ Front 22. ___ Back-lit shot showing lens color 23. ___ Close-up of Hovi tips thank you.
  4. Congratulations Trooper !! welcome to FISD ! great looking armor sir.
  5. hi james, as Glen pointed " It's how much strap is showing, so from top of the holster to bottom of the belt."
  6. TKSpartan

    FISD Memes

    Meanwhile into the Post Office near you.
  7. For the thermal detonator, I still need to bend the clips on the back side. But having followed ukswrath’s guide, I’m finding that the part that goes under the belt is 4” long, which seems too long. Even after the bend, they seem too long. Not sure whether I should trim them so they don’t stick out from underneath the belt (as stated in the CRL). Once you have asembled the TD, you can be sure where and haw much to trim. Fit the shoulder bridges. I’m still having trouble with this. I don’t have the right curve yet, and with the armor on, I will need to have a second person help me with fitting and reshaping. A hot water bath could be helpful to reshape the shoulder bridges Figure out how to hold up the thighs. I’ve seen several posts on this. I’ve also seen something about ‘X’-style suspenders, but I’m not sure if those are meant to hold up the thighs, the torso, or both. Bellow thread shows both systems. Keep up the great work
  8. Hi Adam and welcome to FISD. Glad you're starting your path to become an imperial Stormtrooper !! Please check this thread about TK armor that I'm sure can be useful. let us know any questions you have. We ere here to help every step on the way. And this is an index of resources you may want to check
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