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  1. I can't get over how much gap there is between those shoulder bells, and the fact they're not even connected to the bicep makes me think of a giant flappy-winged beetle. Interesting take on the armor, wonder if maneuverability was the main reason for the change.
  2. I looked into dichloromethane as a solvent and plastic welder, it sounded like a nice way to bind the armor components together, but after some of the research, it seems that it's similar to the effects of acetone, but evaporates quicker and builds a bond much faster. But from what I know on acetone on ABS, even though it can weld two piece of plastic together, I'd be opposed to using it as it's simply liquifying the ABS into a bondable state, and re-solidifying; however, it has repurposed the material used for the structural integrity of the piece into a bonding element. Personally, I'd add more material to increase the strength and rigidity of the piece rather than juggling it. I guess since you're out of a good 2 part epoxy resin for joining, this may be a decent substitute. My big fear is how much of the plastic integrity was compromised, only time will tell. Have you tried sanding/roughing up the pieces when epoxying? Might help the joining process as it gives more surface area to cling to?
  3. I'm so happy to see another person strive for excellence! It feels good to know you gave 100+% to your armor, it feels good to troop with others that take pride in their armor... but... it feels especially good to know you don't look like a store bought Halloween costume or costumed panhandler.
  4. Also helps minimize armor bite and cuts. Be good to your skin ☺️
  5. Obligatory Photos, shamelessly stolen. Hollywood - Anaheim -
  6. Maybe I've been a bit overly critical of the bucket- when painted, it doesn't look too shabby - this is from KB's FB. I don't think I'll try too hard to shape the frown, probably just add some material at the ears and the nose while making the nose narrower. Pretty excited to get started on the build, just waiting on gaskets before I start trimming. Question about the Ab box; this image shows the decal placement as a hollowed opening, which is right?
  7. I got a KB one and I'm not extremely happy with the frown and nose, but I think both the WTF and KB buckets are smaller than the ANOVOS/black series... I think I'm going to try completing the KB with modifications mentioned on my build thread, and if I royally mess up, black series modding I go. Thank you @funkster for taking the time and pointing me over here.
  8. Curious about that cast helmet sitting on the table, is that a WTF helmet? Looking for some TLJ helmet options before I start modding my KB and/or Black series helmets, don't mean to hijack your thread.
  9. For the glove curvature, you want to add more glue around the edges to keep it down. E6000 is pretty easy to clean up, so a little over the edge is ok, just peel it off after it dries. Don't try to clean while wet, just makes a mess. The thicker it is, the easier it peels .
  10. Could use some more clean up, I have roughly 1mm of white between the gray and the actual gum. Don't be afraid to remove too much, you can always add more. Seems like a good height. Do you like the brow height? I know some people for accuracy would go higher, but I personally like an agrier trooper so I like it lower. But I think if you're within range of acceptable, millimeters are just preference. Side note, I'd clean up the eye sockets a bit, remove some of the edging that makes it seem like your carved out the eye hole.
  11. I think the curves are fine, how do they look when worn? If the curve isn't noticable when you're hand is in it, I personally wouldn't worry about it
  12. Maybe you're right... I can try to do some modifications that's easy that might make me a bit happier - might widen up the nose (noticed the opacity overlay between current and future) @TheRascalKing has graciously allowed me to borrow his TLJ black series helmet for side by side comparisons. I think I'll try to pick up a black series helmet in case I botch the KB lol Then maybe sand down the nose bridge so it's a bit narrower and sleeker than current. Hopefully there's enough material to work with to get the shape, otherwise it's patch and putty time lol
  13. I think moving the frown up would be good, sketches from the phone from front and side
  14. Had a chance to review accuracy for the bucket - I think I need to make a few mods, some of them seem easy, but the hardest one will probably be the frown. I'll be using milliput to do some resculpting. Hopefully the resin is thick enough for the shaving off of the ears. Here's my proposed changes. Let me know if I'm crazy or if I should leave good enough alone. I've overlayed some sample pictures from a on set movie prop. Thinking about shaving off some of this ear to make it flush like it would be... The ear trapezoid is way too big, thinking about filling this up and resculpting I used some photoshop distortion to get the right angling, but I can tell the frown's a bit off - this is probably the scariest one. For the frown, I can likely reshape, sculpt, and leave an opening behind the teeth for a hexagon screen.
  15. Very nice tutorial Gerald! I definitely learned something here; actually quite incentivized to make one myself. Thanks!
  16. I guess it'll be good to put where I'm sourcing the soft goods from: Gaskets, harness, neck seal, shiny shorts - GeekyPink's Boots - Imperial Boots Gloves - (likely Endor Finders) Belt - Might try to tackle this from scratch Pouches - Might try to tackle this from scratch
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