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  1. I just bought slotted pan head screws today. It's always bugged me. I was going to message you about where to get them. Ha! Good luck on your Centurion application...don't need it though.
  2. I rigged up a hard "pocket" next to my amp on the inside of the chest. I string the cable out the top of the armour, plug in the phone and get the app going when I need it. Then I just drop it into the "pocket". This keeps the phone dry on hot troops. I don't want my iPhone wet.
  3. Congrats Greg! Well deserved buddy. I'm looking forward to seeing your Centurion application soon.
  4. Dang it Greg! I'm almost more excited to see you suited up than I was myself the first time! Sooo close! Amazing work all round. 501st membership, no problem. EIB, no problem. Centurion, are you kidding me? Easy.
  5. I had my 5th troop today. Toronto Alzheimer's Walk for Memories. 2,000+ people. At one point while posing for a photo, an older lady in a wheelchair reached up and took my hand. I'm not sure she even realized a photo was being taken. I knew she was the reason we were there. Glad I had my bucket on. My grandmother died from Alzheimer's so this event meant a lot to me. Wow. What a privilege to be a part of this.
  6. Great work on the stripes Greg. I see the sniper knee clamped in the background. I hope you are happier with it. It looked really good to me before but with our suits it's all about how we feel about our own kits. Nice kitchen, BTW. I live in a narrow Toronto house. No island for me :-(
  7. Sean Jensen 19165 Centurion Letter Andrew http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/19165-centurion.png
  8. Hi Greg. I used velcro on the front of my boot to keep the shin from twisting. I only had that problem on my left shin. Velcro worked like a charm. Easy and fast to fix. I think your forearms will look ok with gloves on.
  9. Thank you very much Andrew and Tony. Thanks for the dressing comments. My belt wasn't as tight in these photos and I questioned myself about this gap at the ab/kidney. Won't do that again...plus losing that Christmas weight will help too ;-) . The shoulder elastic has stretched a little due to the inexpensive elastic I originally used and will be replaced before my next troop on Saturday. That, I promise.
  10. I don't know Daniel. Perhaps a little too Centurion? Beautiful work!
  11. Here it is. My monstrosity. This is the best I could get.
  12. "Will this never end?" C-3PO. Yes, it will never end. So far I want to do a Sandtrooper and a Praetorian Guard. Oh, and a Death Star Gunner and a Biker Scout... Um, that's not what you mean, is it? That sniper knee! Dang it! I love the AP armour but the knee is, by far, the weakest link. It needs a re-sculpt to fit the shin. We have what we have to work with. The AP sniper knee has been approved many times before. You, Greg, are more than capable of doing this. It is frustrating but doable. I am going downstairs now to take a pic of my approved sniper knee. Be with you shortly...
  13. Yeah. The sniper knee. Biggest challenge of my build. The left side is smaller than the return edge of the shin and will never look 100%. Mine is at an angle too from the front view. Couldn't be avoided. My only concern for you is the rather sharp corners I see from the underside shot. You might want to consider rounding them out a little to prevent it from splitting while you try to work it into place again. Here is a shot of where I got mine to after several hot water baths and removing almost the entire return edge on the bottom. I might have trimmed away even more. Looks like you've already done that. I'll get you a pic of my completed knee tomorrow. .
  14. Wow Matthew! Fantastic build. If Paul and Tony think you've done a good job then you can take that to the bank! (perhaps an old guy expression) Your TK looks fantastic to me.
  15. "Question is, do I centre the ammo pack to the cover strip or try to have the rivets equally spaced from the back return edge?" I put the rivets equally spaced from the back edge. I quite like how it looks. My OCD usually makes me twitch when I see stuff off centre but this doesn't bug me one bit.
  16. Yup. So true. This whole experience has opened my eyes to many things armour related and many things more important. And for that I will always be grateful.
  17. For me it wasn't so much on the checklist, I am going for screen accurate. I haven't seen any holsters with the black straps in ANH. I believe in ROTJ the straps are black. But I'm a big ANH fan. It's where it all started for me.
  18. I'm glad this happened so quickly and I was able to contribute. I have to say that this is the most active and helpful forum I have ever been a part of. Troopers Helping Troopers indeed.
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