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  1. Hey Steve, do you by chance still offer the set?
  2. 1.) 07/19/2020 - Photo shooting with the Echo Nova Squad [ESQ] of the German Garrison [GG] in front of the "Brandenburger Tor" (Brandenburg Gate) / Berlin, Germany. 2.) 09/19/2020 - Charity event and photo shooting with the Echo Nova Squad [ESQ] of the German Garrison [GG] for the "Tierheim Berlin" (Animal Shelter Berlin), Germany.
  3. Ah, ok...thanks a lot - it could have been, that you make lists about it.
  4. I wanted to ask, how many EIB-approved Heavy Weapons Troopers (HWTs) are there at the moment? Do they also have numbers, like the regular ones? There we are currently at #697, right?
  5. That's exactly what happened to me...whereby here in the Formum there are already really very good and useful tips - but just trying this out and looking for different possibilities, that's what we enjoy, right? Anyway, for a new pack I'ld also like to use some ingenious 3D parts from Eric.
  6. Thanks a lot, comrades - I'm really very happy about this promotion!!!
  7. Hi Joseph, thank you very much for your first evaluation of my application, respectively the photos... ...and I don't think any of this should be a problem! Here come the close-ups: Pauldron (scuffed and battle-worn + Side views): Backpack (scuffed and battle-worn): Thigh bottoms (close-up view of the back):
  8. Name: Carsten Hüne 501st Legion TK ID: 11672 Legion Profile: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=31364&costumeID=124 FISD Forum Name: Sidius Base ANH-S Suit EIB Link: Garrison: German Garrison / Echo Nova Squad Armor: Shepperton Design Studios (SDS) Battle Spec Helmet: Shepperton Design Studios (SDS) Battle Spec Blaster: DLT-19 (3D printed Kit by Tk421propstop, self-assembled & painted) Height: 5'10" Weight: 244 lbs (at the time of the photo ;)) Undersuit: Rough Radical "Black Iron" Boots: unknown Canvas belt: made by "felice" [TK-20047]
  9. Are there any (official) differences between the rebel version and the imperial Version?
  10. So this oil pan is called RODCRAFT P4 and is sold in Germany (approx. € 45,- / US$ 49,-): - Mod.-No: 8951081032 - 17 Litres / 4.5 gal lqd - Total length: 26.6" (without the lower handle/drain, which I've severed: 60 cm / 23.6")
  11. Thank you, comrades - all of you! Come on then - I'm looking forward to your pictures! Oh, I'd no files... I'd only purchased the finished items, which I'd then assembled, sanded and painted.
  12. Yesterday my HWT was finally approved! Here a few pictures: my Backpack (completely selfmade): my 3D-printed DLT-19 (self-assembled and painted):
  13. Great - thank you very much! Now there can be no more confusion...
  14. @shashachu First of all, thank you for your answer! I'm really sorry, but only there's been another little mistake... My TKID is 11672...not 12672. Soooorry for the inconvenience...
  15. Hi mates! First of all, many thanks to all the well-wishers - I'm really happy to be a part of the troops! And then thank you for editing the headline of my topic with the my EIB-No. [952]... ...but unfortunatly a small mistake seems to have crept in: My TK-Number! Now it says "TK-22672" in the topic headline, but mine is "TK-11672"... Maybe that would have to be changed again - not that there is still a mix-up!
  16. Carsten Hüne 11672 EIB A4 Size Mike http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/11672-eib.png 272
  17. Hey Mike, many thanks to you and to the entire team for processing my request and for inclusion in the ranks of the EIB! I'm really happy!!! You wrote that there are not quite 1000 EIBs yet - what number am I now? In order to improve the overall impression of my costume, I'll continue to work on it ... however, I still have a few other projects ahead of me, that I've to work on first.
  18. Thank you very much - I'd be really happy about that! Is there anything missing now?
  19. And now, here comes the helmet... - Now the grey painted frown does not leave the teeth area. - the brow is straighten now
  20. Ok, here comes the next run of photos... Now the thight coverstripes stops above the button thigh ridge: Thigh ammo strip rivets outside and inside (both sides): Now only the photos of the helmet are missing, right?
  21. So, the vacation is over and the next batch of photos is coming! First the newly glued calves (closed outside over inside): Front and both sides of the knee sniper plate: Different views (front panel) of the TD: Close ups of the abdomen rivets: The rest will follow soon...
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