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  1. Congratulations Trooper. Welcome! Enviado desde mi ONEPLUS A3003 mediante Tapatalk
  2. Welcome trooper! That armor looks great. Bienvenue trooper! Cette armure est superbe.
  3. Keko Bescós TK-10650CENTURIONA4Mario - TKSpartan Thank you so much! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/10650-centurion.png
  4. Keko Bescós TK-10650EIBA4JustJoseph63 Thank you so much! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/10650-eib.png 312
  5. Your attachments are noted to further polish those details that you comment and leave a perfect project. I would like to especially acknowledge the work that the DOs do to bring the armor to the most exact level of similarity to the original armor. That's why I want to mention Mario and Joseph, for all their advice and have taught me to appreciate the details that for any other fan of the saga could go unnoticed. Thanks to ARMOUR FACTORY PROPS for a job well done, which has made it so easy for me to improve the last details. Also thank the magnificent group of troopers that ma
  6. Hola Mario Me parece una buena idea. Así dejamos a Joseph que se ocupe de que los parches y los pines nos lleguen a tiempo a todos. Añado las imágenes que me solicitas de los guantes y los handplates de silicona. Pensaba que había añadido las que subí cuando solicité el EIB. Quedo a la espera de tus sugerencias. Un saludo Hello Mario I think it's a good idea. So we let Joseph see to it that the patches and pins get to us on time. I add the images you request of the gloves and silicone handplates. Thought I had added the ones I uploaded when a
  7. I finally managed to take the photos with the modifications. Proud of work!
  8. Hi Joseph, Apologies are unnecessary. I was waiting for your suggestions for possible corrections to be able to take full-body photos with everything "ok", since I have some difficulty for someone to help me dress and take quality images. The corrections that you propose to me I had already planned for the new photos. As for moving in "han" snap, it will take me a little more time, so I ask you for a little patience. Thanks for your tips. a greeting Hola Joseph, Sobran las disculpas. Estaba a la espera de tus sugerencias ante posibles correcciones para poder tomarme
  9. Name : Sergio Bescós 501st ID : 10650 FISD forun name : Keko Bescós Garrison : Spanish Garrison Armor : Armour Factory Props (AFP) Helmet : Armour Factory Props (AFP) Blaster : Armour Factory Props (AFP) Height : 175cm Weight : 80kg Boots : Armour Factory Props (AFP) Canvas Belt : Armour Factory Props (AFP) Hand Plates : ArtNeo Neck Seal : Armour Factory Props (AFP) (Leather) Holster : Armour Factory Props (AFP) (Leather) Audio system: TRamp https://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?us
  10. The first, thank those responsible for the department for studying and evaluating the photos, as well as the time invested in it. I greatly appreciate all the advice for the correct placement of some elements, that after taking the photos, I already observed certain errors. My wife will consider it for next time;) I appreciate the help to modify and correct those details that provide an image as faithful and exact as possible to the films. I will keep it in mind and will exert myself to make it so, although I will need some time for it. And finally, thank you for your congratulatio
  11. Agree. Thank you. Tonight I return to upload the links with "direct link"
  12. Despite inserting IMGUR's BBCode in the forum post, I am unable to view the images correctly. If I can do something myself, please tell me. Thank you Pese a insertar de BBCode de IMGUR en el post del foro, no consigo visualizar las imágenes correctamente. Si puedo hacer yo algo, por favor decídmelo. Gracias
  13. Saludos Legionarios! Con el siguiente post, solicito el estado de EIB (980) para mi armadura, tras algo más de un año de misiones. Si es necesario aportar alguna foto más, por favor, hacédmelo saber. Gracias por vuestro tiempo. Saludos desde España. Hello Legionaries! With the following post, I request the EIB status (980) for my armor, after a little over a year of missions. If you need to provide any more photos, please let me know. Thanks for your time. Greetings from Spain. Name : Sergio Bescós 501st ID : 1
  14. Requesting 501st access ID# TK10650 (Spanish Garrison) http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=29694&costumeID=124 Thank you!
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