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  1. Welcome aboard plastic spaceman! Now go out there and make people smile!
  2. Joseph, first and foremost, thank you sir for being so kind and helpful to many of us with whom you have helped and encouraged in the past! The first time I witnessed your kindness was when you just gave a fellow trooper something that he needed! I thought to myself WOW, what a great person. You may not remember, but you also helped me in the past with both your kindness and your infinite wisdom of the TK build! I’m glad to hear that you’re still going to be available for the information and encouragement that you have supplied on the FISD forum for many years and looking forward to reading and hearing of it in the future! Thank you sir for your love and dedication to all of us in the FISD!!!
  3. I built his kit with light and sound and have had many people complement me on how good the blaster looks. Great kit but a lot of work. I love it but I love my PRAETORIAN blaster a lot better. looks great and will take the abuse. Stock doesn't unfold but the rest is good.
  4. My heart goes out to both of you. I've been keeping up with this story of Declan since it started. This story brought tears to this old TK's eyes and made me determined to try my best to make a little boy or girls troubles a little less overwhelming. Thank you again for the story, the hope and the update. TK-42195
  5. Live A Dream, Share a Dream, Make A Dream!!!!
  6. What would everyone say if I started a thread about the bible? I don't think it would be in the right interests for anyone here to listen to my bible based lifestyle or my political views. It has nothing to do with what this organization stands for or why we spend the time and money to participate in it. I love Star Wars plain and simple, that's why I joined!!! We shouldn't be bringing up subjects that have nothing to do with Star War, trooping of armor related topics.
  7. Amen. Well said Brother Why can't we keep this to Star wars related topics. I didn't join the Legion for this.
  8. This is what I've found looking at the CRL'S. There should be from 7- 10 ribs in the neck seal on average.
  9. Welcome to the White (RIGHT) side Brittany! A lot of us on the forum have Anovos armor, so never be afraid to ask as many questions as you like. Remember, measure twice maybe three times and cut once. Have fun on your journey to be a TK!!!!!
  10. I built the UBER (ebay) 3d printed blaster with light and sounds and i have had more complements on this thing. It's a great blaster for accuracy but a lot of work. Great for trooping if you don't drop it or let little kids handle it . i can post some pictures if you would like. I also hollowed out my scope and fitted real lenses in it to add to the realism. Just takes time and patients.
  11. Wish you the best STORMTROOPER!!!!!!
  12. Awesome I went with Anovos and couldn't be happier! When you start your build make the few modifications to bring your build to the level of Centurion. This will entail replacing the belt and also the screens on the Hovi tips. Not much to replace for accuracy. Let the Journey begin and just have fun with it! Look at the Anovos build thread.
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