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  1. Not sure if I am the right guy to ask but I would post it in the For Sale Personal forum. It's about half way done on the main page.
  2. Here is the other side that I would like it to look like.
  3. Anyone suggest how I close this gap? It kind of makes it egg shape and isn’t really noticeable but I know it’s there. It may go straight when on my head. Idk.
  4. Ok. Have a helmet question and need to know add pics. Says the file is too big. Most ppl use a link box. Anyone tell what the name is so I can see if I can find it? thanks
  5. I tried getting into MEPD but waiting on expectance. Thanks. I’ll look at these.
  6. Ok, next question! I have been looking on here for where anyone may have found the MP-40 pouches. I see "how to build" but I think we have established I am not handy! Since I know this, I will just stay in my lane! Thought since I work in the sporting goods industry and this is exactly my area, it would be easy. Found some at www.sarcoinc.com part number MP4020 but I don't want originals. Was hoping to find someone that was replicating them.
  7. Thanks Guys! Appreciate the advice. I did get fans ordered!! I've read this is a must. My goal is to get to the top! Looks like a lot of walking before I get running. Hoping to get to meet some of the members of my local garrison and get some more visuals! Pics are great but I am more of a hands on learner. I can sell the crap out of anything but making is not my strong suit.
  8. Any opinions? Looks like I can go to ukswrath and get it all. Reading some of the links posted (thank you) it seems that there is a lot of different opinions but no real “clear” answers. So has anyone used all three Ukswrath voice, hearing, and cooling system?
  9. I was thinking of doing the ukswrath option 8. There is a lot of talk about Amber but does anyone have an opinion on the ukswrath? (Besides price)
  10. Question, do you guys put fans and any kind of voice communication device in your helmets? If there a few comfort features that I should be looking for, would love to know now. If there is, any way to point me in a direction to acquire these things would be great.
  11. That’s what I’ve come up with as well.
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