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  1. Troop #27 was 12 April 2019 at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Had a blast all around just attending the event, hanging out with my squad mates, and suiting up in my white armor. The Korriban Squad FISD Group Photo Troop #28 was 14 April 2019 at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. This was my last day at Celebration and it started early with the 501st Legion Picture. Great way to end a great week. FYI I'm the one in white :).
  2. Troop #25 was 26 January 2019 in Dubuque Iowa for the CabinFever MiniCon. This was my first official troop as Boba Fett as well as my first troop wearing two different kits (Boba and my TK). Part of the planned events included the opportunity to be read to by a Stormtrooper. I had the honor of reading Penelope the Dinosaur to a 4 year old. That was most definitely the highlight of the day. Putting on our best poses to represent the squad. Our Korriban Squad Special Edition Fett sharing a darkside joke with me.
  3. Still on track to do the mass update this February? I've followed the instructions and made sure all my data is in sync. Going on year three and I'd really like to vote in the detachment elections for the first time.
  4. Since troop #24 as Fett was unofficial my official Troop #24 was 12 January 2019 at Star Wars night for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball game in Iowa City, IA. We did the standard pictures and imperial high fives prior to the game. Right before the game a few us got to go down on the court and provide a little propaganda while the pep band played the imperial march. Overall had a great time at my first Hawkeyes basketball game with some awesome troopers. Thanks to the empire Iowa was able to take down Ohio State. And just for fun here's my Fett.
  5. Troop #23 was at the Emergency Food Pantry August 18th, 2018 in Fargo, ND. This was a great troop where we helped raise over $1000 and 650 lbs of food. Enough to feed 216 people with a weeks worth of food. This was also one of the larger troops I've been a part of where we had more than 30 troopers from across the Central Garrison (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa). Things got a bit heated there for a while between the TKs and the #NotVaders. We all know the TK's won. The troop was held in conjunction with the annual Central Garrison banquet. This was my first banquet but definitely not my last. I had a blast and can't wait for next year. Oh and most importantly the Korriban Squad took home the Game of Squads trophy by showing off our exemplary Imperial skills.
  6. Thanks! It's been fun to create and look back at all of the awesome things I've been able to do as a plastic space man.
  7. Thanks sir! Sorry for putting it in the wrong spot.
  8. Troop #22 was at the Waterloo Bucks North Leauge Baseball July 7th, 2018 in Waterloo, IA. We had a great turnout of troopers and one of the biggest crowds I've seen at a Bucks game. The usual pictures, high fives, autographs, and all around good time in the heat.Preparing to take the field by force if necessary Standing guard as Vader prepares to throw out the first pitch.
  9. Troop #21 was at Gran Festival in Hampton, IA June 9th 2018. This was a troop to raise money for the La Luz Hispana Outreach Center. This was a two person troop with the Admiral. The event consisted of wandering the crowd and ensuring imperial order was still in place. This kid had it figured out (check out the shirt).
  10. Two troops again this week. Troop #19 was for Star Wars night at the Stead Family Children's Hospital at the University of Iowa in Iowa City Iowa on 4th May 2018. Troop #20 was for Star Wars family event at the US Army's Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island Illinois on 5th May 2018. Trooping at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital is always an amazing and humbling event. These kids go through more than I can imagine and having the chance to bring a smile even for a short while is exactly the reason I'm in the 501st. Amazing group of Bad Guys Doing Good. The entire crew at the event A snap of me from the local TV station video of the event Rock Island Arsenal was a fun event for military families and families for those that work at the base. A great opportunity to give back to those who serve our country. Lots of fun lightsaber battles and various other shenanigans ensued. Fighting some kind of battle. Cheering on the little trooper as he annihilated the rebel scum at air hockey. Running from the beating I was taking from a few hundred Jedi padawans.
  11. Troop #16 was at RodCon at the University of Northern Iowa Rod Library on 7 April 2018. Large turn out of troopers and a constant stream of people at this event. Lots of pictures taken, a couple of autographs given, and hosted a panel about the 501st. We also made the front page the local paper.
  12. Troop #15 was at the very first Star Wars night for the Waterloo Blackhawks 20 January 2018 in Waterloo, IA. Got to escort Vader onto the ice for a puck drop, gave out many imperial high fives, and all around had a good time.The entire group. Enlisting a service dog for the glory of the Empire.
  13. Troop #14 was October 28th 2017 for Night Eyes at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa. This was probably the coldest outdoor troop I've done so far with temperatures in the low 40s F. We had a great turnout of our local troopers as well as the Mercs. There was a pretty constant stream of people. Lots of pictures, high fives, and a few hugs from some little fans. All around great troop. The entire crew. Having a little fun with the Peanuts gang.
  14. Troop #13 was October 12th 2017 at the Cedar Falls Iowa Public Library Star Wars Trivia Night. This was my first two trooper troop and first time taking rapid fire questions from the crowd. Some of the kids were super serious in their questions to us in between trivia rounds which was pretty awesome. Little known fact learned from my fellow TK is that the Stormtrooper pajamas of choice are Darth Vader Underoos.
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