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  1. for some reason my tool bar stopped showing up. any tips on how to fix
  2. Here are some better shots of the counter I bought off ebay from a seller called swpropman. its really a nice piece seeing how all the detail is already there and there really isn't much work needed to finish the project. As you can see, it comes apart. Has 2 plastic screws that I can change to metal. Also the front clips to attach the cylinders are plastic and I have already made metal ones that I didn't install on my sons, so I will use these here. I comes with a sticker for the numbers however I plan on using the rolling numbers from another counter.
  3. Hello gang, its been awhile. Wish I could say I have been too busy with work or just slammed and no time to work on my blaster however I would me telling a fib. I got hooked on some props from sellers on The rpf site. thats not a good site for people like me. LOL Any way, I finally finished my sterling scratch build and added the T track from Marv. Just needs a little weathering. I plan on working on my scope rail soon, hopefully tomorrow. Now, here are my finish parts. The scope is from fieldmarshal, the cylinders are from themainthesuitcase and heres an interesting counter I bought off ebay from a seller called swpropman. I will share more with you as I begin to assemble it. It feels good to be back and almost finished.
  4. Yes, I used Aarons template to build mine. Perfection I say! Thanks Aaron
  5. you can talk behind your own back, lol. Sorry
  6. I canceled my preorder. As mentioned, I already have the ATA kit so I'm just going to stay with that. I wasn't really concerned about matching rouge oNE props, but matching anh. Besides, therpf has uncovered some shots on the back of the helmet that turned alot of collectors off.
  7. I just preorderd mine on toysrus.com with free shipping. We will see. Worst case I can always re sell it.
  8. I wonder how these can compare to molds and kits like ATA. Our kits have a lot of detail and are 501 approved already as long as we stay true to the build. I know the kylo helmet has been liked and some have modified it some what. The common knocks have been the voice changer and inside harness.
  9. supposidly it's an exact cast from the original. He had the original and replica side by side in reference photos, and they looked identical. This photo was a stock photo taken off his ebay listing. Mine hasn't arrived yet but should be here Monday or Tuesday. I will post a detailed report once it arrives. I was really interested in bulldogs however my heart was set on a metal copy seeing how my scratch build is mostly metal. Once I found this one, I decided to give it a try.
  10. I have been a very busy boy. haven't had much time to play. A member on therpf posted a picture of a M38 scope kit made of aluminum. Its on ebay so I caved and bought one. What do you guys think?
  11. You the man! I love the look of blue lights on black. What a fun project and you definitely have taken this to the next level.
  12. I did see the decals but I wasn't sure what set fits ATA helmets. May sound silly but I noticed different names for each set.
  13. so the hero lenses are bubble slightly and stunts are flat if I'm seeing this correctly but hard to tell from photos. I did see the difference in the decals. Again, photos on the PC screen make it harder to see, but am I missing anything else. Thanks
  14. I'm currently working on 2 E11's, one for my son (pvc/doopydoos) and mine is a scratch build aluminum. The boys blaster has been completed and I'm still working on mine. So during my down time, I have been reading up on the best fit helmet for me and decided on the ATA bucket. The helmet has been ordered and on its way, however I have some questions for you regarding upgrades and helmet liners. I really like the look of the hero and I believe I'm going in that direction so are there any parts like the lenses or mics that would be better suited for upgrade, or are the stock parts the way to go. I have been really impressed with the look of these buckets shown here on the build logs, so I won't be surprised to find I don't need to change anything. I am curious about the lenses though. I keep seeing upgrades in lenses so I'm wondering if that is a common upgrade. Also I have been reading up on real movie buckets and I have seen them with decals. You can see the white paper on the tube stripes but you really have to look and have a good photo to see it. I was leaning towards airbrushing however I believe I will go with decals. So, who is the go to decal source, should I use any upgrades and if so, where do I look, and finally, what helmet liners will work for these helmets. Thanks in advance. Kevin
  15. oops, glad I didn't glue it. LOL, thanks and fixed
  16. I do have a question regarding the charging handle. If I glue this to the bolt, I'm done. Meaning I would not be able to remove the bolt EVER. Correct? So I'm guessing permanently attaching the handle is a no no, right?
  17. Back to the aluminum build. My son made me finish his first. I ordered Ddays resin bolt with charging handle and it had to sit while I finished the boys. I didnt modify it at all, but I did detail the features. Mainly just clean outs and resin over pour. Because I didnt do anything different, I also didnt log it. Anyway, here is Ddays bolt installed and weathered. Also used the last part from Aaron. The spring cup. I made my spring but haven't weathered it yet. maybe a little spring tweaking still. Now I am working on my trigger assembly and once that's finished and installed, that will complete the base sterling build.
  18. Well, I finished my sons blaster. Not really my cup of tea seeing how its new looking. It broke my heart having to repaint my weathered scope. However, well worth it because my son loves it. He wants to take it to Tampa comic con in August. Its too clean and shinny. I had to buy gloss clear coat, but I used satin instead. Still way to slick, I am a flat finish brat. Anyway, This is the finished kit. Doopy's pipe detail kit, 1 1/4 pvc, the scope and counter are also doopy's but didn't come with the set. Themainthesuitcases power cylinders and a scratch built bolt and handle. I couldn't do much of anything with the doopy bolt and I made a metal handle because my son will surely break it. Most mods were used with the exception of the removable magazine and I didn't use any magazine holder mods.I felt that would be too many moving parts and my son will loose the magazine like most kids would. I also didn't modify the cylinders or add wire from the counters for the same reason. This is the end of the pvc/resin build. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement.
  19. You bucket head! Lol looks great, nice job on the electronics.
  20. Yeah, these chemicals can be nasty. Hope it's just the common cold. Not sure how much these are but I am definitely interested in one scope. Seconds would be fine and I can find screws as well. Hope you feel better
  21. I know you have a few build as shown but I'm not seeing the difference in the set. IE doopy's vrs DDay. Are these all Dday or is there a mix between kits. A side by side comparison may be a fun post. I know your latest is a hybrid of the best available parts and I have seen some side by side comparisons of different parts, but not completed.
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