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  1. thank you. I just used the templates for the majority of the stock. I eyeballed the butt catch. Even though the stock looks like it works, I am not going to keep it this way. It will be a static piece once I complete this build. I highly recommend Aarons resin parts. I cant vouch for accuracy because I don't own a real sterling but everyone says they are a perfect match. I can say compared to other resin parts, they are flawless and look fantastic. I would buy all 4 parts he has. the muzzle, barrel, spring cup and now the end cap. well worth it and you would be more than satisfied once you have them. I still wish he would cast a bolt.(hint hint Aaron)
  2. I moved on to scratch building the reciever catch for the folding stock. I used a 6-32 screw, tapped out a few small pieces of scrap aluminum and filed them down to give the shape of the catch. once I cut it to length, I will file off the threads. this was a pain in the butt, however worth it. I could have used plastic however I wanted to keep it strong and I wasn't sure if the plastic would hold up.
  3. I had a nice little goodie box waiting for me today. Aaron sent me his resin end cap. It looks great and Im really happy with it.
  4. Ok, here comes a long winded update. I have my parts for detailing the folding stock. I bought a 5mm hollow aluminum tube. I know it should be solid however I can just use filler for that. besides its easier to fill than to drill out that tiny part. also have my small washers to complete the detail. I also have a few boo boos to fix, so off I go. This update covers both resin and aluminum stocks at the same time. the boo boos then I cut out the bad part and filled it with styrene and body filler. next I drilled out my holes and inserted the tube. After the test fit, I cut glued and added the washer. Onto the aluminum. You can also see I made my front endcap. I used more styrene and shaped it. still need to make the front part as well as the tube catch. heres themainthesuitcases 3d end cap. as far as the resin stock goes, I have used just about every mod so far. I didn't cut out the rear bolts yet but I will when I get ready to mount it. I'm still cleaning it out a little and its ready for a bath (all the resin dust is caked up and is showing). The aluminum stock still needs the front angle and tube catch and everything shown hasn't been secured yet, just a dry fit. Now, I mentioned before that this would not be a functional folding stock however, after I put it together, I had to play and guess what. It actually works!!! What do you think?
  5. Those flares make the pipe stand out so much. They were the first pieces I put on as well. Looks great.
  6. Made some adjustments. Thanks T Jay. Does this look better. Keep in mind that this is a dry fit and nothing is secured together. Man, I'm liking the way this is starting to shape up. Besides the handle grip, everything shown here has been scratch built out of aluminum. I'm having a blast making these. As far as making the 2 at the same time goes. I will have no peace with my son once he see's 1 finished blaster. I have no choice but to do them at the same time. lol The E11 is his favorite blaster and he is really excited seeing each step unfold. Well worth the double work just to see him light up when I show him our progress. Besides, like I made mention before. Because I'm scratch building 1 blaster, the resin parts help guide me through each part needed, and I am taking one part at a time, but just doing it twice. I do have Aarons resin parts and just ordered his end cap so the entire blaster will not be full scratch. I'm also using themainthesuitcases 3d parts as well. thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming. It really helps. Kevin
  7. now on to the resin stock. These have alot of excess resin that I needed to remove. I cut out all the details with my carvng tools, hollowed out the inside and opened up the two end caps to allow the tube to fit it. I feel this tube going all the way from end to end and glued into the tubes will make it stronger. What a mess! I decided to clean this outside about a 3rd of the way in. wow, thats alot of resin dust. I still have some more cleaning to do. I made a boo boo that still needs to be fixed and patch up the joint with bondo. Over all, its starting to come together. Please chime in with feedback, especially if you see me going past the point of no return.
  8. For me, this is the bitter sweet part of the build. Sweet because we now get to see the finish work, but sad because the build is almost over. I can only hope mine looks half as good when I finish. Great work.
  9. Now I am introducing themainthesuitcases 3d parts to my aluminum build. I bought all his parts minus the flares. Heres the end cap for the inside tube. more to come soon.
  10. I have not been really good at posting wip photos, sorry about that. I just get caught up im the build and forget. Any way, here are some photos of the stock arm that I am working on. I cut them out with my cordless jig saw and filed them down by hand to get the shape. Once is had the shaped, I used my resin stock for a bending guide running nails into the bench and bent to shape. now I used JB weld to bond them together. They have to dry so I have to wait. thoughts?
  11. Yeah, that's why I'm using resin details in front and the rear of the gun. Also the main reason why I didn't buy the sterling set from apex. I was just over concerned about what was legal and what could get me in trouble. Even though my build is aluminum, it's still metal and if you can making a working gun out of paper and plastic, you can certainly make a better built version of my build fire with the correct pieces. By me using your resin set, there would be no reason to get me in trouble other than not having the front orange.
  12. That looks great. Question. Wouldn't your resin muzzle suffice for the legal issue.
  13. you can say that again! Without seeing everyone else's approach, these builds would be all over the place. There aren't alot of clear cut photos of these from the films. I rely on watching your builds and longing for feedback to make sure I stay on target. Won't be able to do much today as I am painting my daughters room, (over her tinker bell theme)(she's a big girl now) and later off to the daddy daughter dance. Oh well, they are only young once.I plan on getting back to it tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming. Kevin
  14. I see mine up there. its the 3rd in, second to the last row. dibbs. lol
  15. thanks guys. Im still learning how to mutli quote (sorry)<br> i keep referencing your builds while working on mine. They are all great builds to follow.<br><br> Aaron, your parts speak for themselves <br><br> The screw hole has been tapped and not glued so thats an easy adjustment. thanks for the tip.<br><br> the trigger gaurd is just sitting there to take a picture.<br> I'm still working on that part but wanted to move on to the folding stocks. i just need to add the control for the position switch and then i can close up the bottom of the trigger assembly and add the trigger gaurd. I cant say enough about how much your build logs have helped mine. please keep the feedback coming. it really helps.<br><br> thanks again guys. it means alot.<br> Kevin
  16. So after looking over the resource photos and eyeballing it the best I could, I scratch built my butt catch. I used styrene for the project and used a thin piece of aluminum for the bottom spring. I think this will do. just need to clean it up a little. What do you think
  17. Looks great! We are attempting the same kind of build. I'm currently working on my stock as well. Did you make the butt catch? That's what I'm attempting now.
  18. Thanks for the offer. Yes the doopy kit is being used on my sons. Originally I was going to scratch build his out of pvc and styrene however once that trouble making usaeatt2 decided to make his perfect replica muzzle and barrel,(lol) I ended up building mine around his kit and using doopy for my son. As far as the specs, I'm already using these. And no the butt catch isn't on them. I have been looking but no luck.
  19. I was only joking about a functional folding stock. I don't have the proper set up for making a real working stock however I can make it look like it does. I don't own any real metal tools other than files, vise and drill press so I have to work with what I have. I decided to make the catch that goes between the handle and the inner tube out of styrene because it's much easier to work with and I can get the shapes more accurate than I could using aluminum. I may have to eyeball this thing because I am having a hard time finding specs or plans for this. My plan is to make the stock look as real as I can. I'm just going to make the locking mechanism static and grip the tube that way, and secure the stock to the tube behind the grip like every other build. I'm very comfortable working with styrene and I'm already set up for that material seeing how I'm making a styrene r2 unit.I may also use styrene to scratch build my magazine holder and definitely use it to make my counter. Once I finish the stocks, I will give it a go with the aluminum magazine holder however if I feel the appearance suffers than I will go styrene. I keep watching everyone else's builds and learn as much as possible before I work on each part. You guys have made some fantastic e11's and thanks for letting me learn and copy. It's amazing on what you people have accomplished with these. My r2 unit is fully functional radio controlled and I have to say, I'm having just as much fun building this blaster as I am building r2. Thanks guys and gals, you have been a great help. Please chime in and offer your guidance when ever you would like to.
  20. I made the sqaure piece for the stock. Who knows, maybe this thing may actually work. now its time for the arms and then I will start on the inside tube. I may have to use plastic for the end caps.
  21. thank you. just another build. I'm having fun making these and now that they are starting to look like something, my son is getting really excited.
  22. I know of an aluminum pipe build that can use one. Hint hint! How soon till they are ready?
  23. onto the folding stocks. Starting with the scratch build one first. I used my drill press and files to cut out the details and my vise to shape it. also set it to the square stock that will soon be cut out. just a little body filler and I believe this will do.
  24. so I gave it a go with attaching the handle. I drilled and tapped out 3 holes on each side and ran 6-32 screws just deep enough to grap the tube, and then cut them off flush on the outside. It worked out nice and i dont have to weld it. I cant believe how light this is compared to the pvc/resin. Im going step by step with the resin, and aluminum at the same time. tough, but fun. this is fun.
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