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  1. That is a nice set up. Truth is I have 90% of those parts on my bench. I'm building a real r2 d2 so those parts are also needed. I will ask if I could buy the glass for the scope however. That's a real nice set up. And I am a detail fanatic and sorry if I'm driving you guys nuts, I'm just excited to make this blaster. Hands down my favorite blaster from star wars with a close 2nd being the dl44<br> I'm more of a ANH replicator myself.all my props will be finished anh style.
  2. Yes, it does help thanks. I did order the scope, counter and bought the power cylinders as well. I have been studying up on the rail build guide as well. Does it come with a pipe cut template?
  3. I have a doopydoos pipe detail kit on the way. I have been reading and seen his full kits come with a few items not shown on the website and I was wondering if anything else comes with the detail kit. Their info is very limited an I'm sure I'm not the first to buy this kit. Thanks in advance, Kevin
  4. Do I need permission to access the link. It still doesn't work for me, sorry. But thanks for trying
  5. thank you. The dark sith link isn't working, just goes into a loop. That scratch build page is great and I have book marked it as a reference during my build.
  6. Hello all, I'm preparing my e11 build and I have been reading up as much as I can. However I guess I'm looking at alot of older builds that have removed pictures and links posted no longer work. Basically I'm building the doopydoos e11 pipe detail kit, I have the counter and scope on order as well as the power cylinders. I did find the files for the pvc cut outs but I would like to see more if possible. I have also seen a counter being scratch built off plans that I haven't been able to locate. My kit hasn't arrived yet but it has been shipped. Are there plans available for the counter and are there any new builds like the one I am planning that I can reference and read. Thanks in advance. Kevin
  7. Are these plans available for the counter?
  8. I'm a new member myself, thanks for having me. I just bought the cylinders from Shapeways, and received my dispatch info from doopydoos for my pipe detail kit. Looking for a scope and counter as well. My question is about the templates for the pipe cut out. I found some here but when I printed them, the sizes were off. I have 1 1/4 pvc in my truck as I am an electrician. Too big and they overlapped!<br> Are these already formated for an average or below average computer user. Any info on the template or missing pieces would be highly appreciated <br> Thanks in advance <br> Kevin
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