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  1. I worked on my resin trigger today.I didnt go all out with it but I did add the real screws, movable trigger and I decided to use a rca jack for the position switch. The resin/pvc e11 isfor my son. He is only 10 and is also on the spectrum for autism so I need to be careful with all the bells and whistles as well as parts that he will most likely break. I figure the trigger should be fine as well as the position switch just being movable. Any kid would want to pull the trigger and turn switches so these were a must. thoughts
  2. This would make a very nice addition to my aluminum build. You have my attention sir. Great work and thanks for sharing.
  3. yes, the plan is to stamp everything with numbers and letters. I bought the 4mm and 2mm sets but you only really get one shot at it.
  4. Now I will need to build up the edges both top front and the bottom where the bolt runs through the grip. I still need to JB weld the trigger guard and I also will use some thinner aluminum to close up the bottom. Now I will need to figure out a way to strengthen the top of the handle assembly that will attach to the pipe. I'm trying not to have to get it welded but if I have to than I have to. I am going to try and run some screws through the flanges of the assembly and see how strong that would be.
  5. The screw idea worked well to give the proper spacing. I also used nuts inside to keep it snug. I bought a sheriff woody gun at the dollar store and used the inside trigger assembly for my trigger. So far I like it. I tapped out for 6-32 screws and ran them through both sides and once I was satisfied, I cut off the excess and filed them down flush.
  6. I have been working on my handle. Here are some pics of my progress. I can only use what I have for metal. I only have a vise, file, and hammer. I'm using a cordless jig saw and then using a file to finish up the cuts. I broke apart the outer sides because its is easier to work with. The plan is to use screws for spacers but we will see how that works.
  7. Out of curiosity, are you sure you ordered the complete kit and not the detail kit where you supply your own pipe? I have been watching the site and also have the email notification and haven't heard or seen any show back up. If so, wow, they really do sell out fast. I can't really judge the full kit because I have never had one however the base detail kit is pretty nice and so far, I have had no issues with it.
  8. The e11 blaster reference is 5 posts above this one. First pined post on the top. Lots and lots of info there. I spent weeks reading each phase
  9. At the very top of this page look for the blaster reference and you will see everything you just asked about. Warning, very addictive reading lol. As far as turn around time from, doopy, it can take a couple of weeks. And yes, they are terrible at responding so don't hold your breath. You will most likely never hear from them. Keep us posted with a builders log so we can see your progress.
  10. It's all over now. Doopy has been forwarded the money and this kit is on its way to its new owner. Thanks for the encouragement
  11. sorry for the delay, its expensive. the shipping calculator is saying 57.70 usd for priority 6 to 10 days. I'm really trying to keep it in the US, I don't really want to deal with customs. I see the original customs label on this box was restricted from flying probably because of replica firearm pieces. I bought separate parts from doopy that didn't carry restrictions but they were the scope and counter. maybe has something to do with it but I don't know for sure. these kits are available from doopy still. you may even do better on shipping from them.
  12. I can't help be feel there is a riddle hidden somewhere in this picture.
  13. That is a clever way to use photo shop. I like the idea of having plastic or resin parts for anything that can be considered a firing mechanism. This way there can be no confusion of a working firearm, seeing how I am going for the metal build for the most part. Gun laws are pretty strict even for replicas. That is the main reason I didn't buy real Sterling parts to go on my aluminum pipe. I just don't want the potential hassle. Your rubber bolt is the perfect alternative if I don't get a resin one. Great job
  14. Is that light from the muzzle? Cool
  15. Looking really good! I like how you made your bolt. If we can talk Aaron into casting one, I think I may copy your idea. So post more pics! Lol
  16. It's the kit that requires a pipe. Also no t tracks, scope, counter or power cylinders
  17. Also to settle myself down and not build so scatter brained, I'm going to focus on one part at a time from here on out. Of course I'm making 2 of these so I will work on the same part both in resin and aluminum. I also believe this will help familiarize myself better with each part. Don't be affraid to step in with some guidance. It's always appreciated
  18. I started working on my handle. the aluminum sheet Im using is a sign template painted white so its nice to work with. I can see the lines much better. please forgive the blurry template photo I placed my sterling grip over the handle to see how it lines up. The screw hole wasn't quite there however the top flaps look like they line up great. I still need to fold the flaps over. I will need to put a piece on the bottom to hold the bolt in. Also I think I'm going to use styrene for the build ups inside. it will be much easier to work with and allow me to get the proper thickness needed without fighting metal. any thoughts or ideas?
  19. The kit arrived today. enjoy the pictures and let me know if someone wants it. you will paypal me the full amount plus shipping, tracked. I will forward to doopy and email you my paid receipt for your records. total for kit is 38.79 plus shipping. need shipping address for quote.
  20. My apex package arrived today. The kid in me had to open it and play. The first thing I did was match it up to the doopy handle and then sit it on my template to see how they would line up. Looks like it will work. I did notice the real sterling grip is longer than the doopy but I wasn't surprised. I also had to install my real barrel screws. Now I just need to clean up the glue from the masking tape apex had on the grip. Must have been on a long time.
  21. Perfect and thankyou. This will work. I used your drawing and measured my doopy one and they are really close. The biggest issue on the doopy is the bottom plate is off being 3mm too thick. The rest of the doopy site is as close as a 100th of an inch so I thick I can template the doopy onto aluminum and just rework the bottom plate , thanks again. Kevin
  22. thanks for the link. you are correct on how could you measure the rounded parts.Its tricky but could be done with listing degrees. If you have the height. length and width then you would just need the radius. I was hoping for a template.
  23. I received an email from doopy,s I will share below from them Good morning Kevin. Firstly thank you again for being so honest with us. If you have some-one who is interested in buying it from you that’s fine. No need to place another order you can just paypal the money through to the-freak@ntlworld.com Please let me know if this email has got through to you. Kind regards Casey end email So it still hasn't arrived yet but when it does, I will take detailed pictures and post them. As shown above we will just send them a paypal . again, please wait till I have the set in hand and we can go from there. Are there any interested local united states buyers?
  24. Yeah, they really need to upgrade that photo, way too small and non descriptive. If you look really hard, you will see the trigger guard molded together with the 2 flash guards. They just need to have the mold flash removed and cleaned up. It really is a nice kit for the money.
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