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  1. Hi everyone, First off I am sorry that I am not on here very much. I have been trying to stay at home as much as possible to help stop the spread of COVID-19. When I do go shopping I do not just wear a mask, I wear a helmet! I have been doing this since the state of Pennsylvania has asked for people to wear masks. My main goal was to bring some cheer to everyone else and to not look like a cowboy or surgeon ;p Has anyone else worn their helmet out and about? I would be shocked if I was the only one. Keep safe and hope all of you are doing well.
  2. yea the Disney visa gets you only 10% off. You cannot combined the discounts. The max discount is 20%. I believe the FOTK is $1800 but it comes with everything, except blasters.
  3. I have no preference of who to buy from. The original intent of these thread was to help people get a better deal on ANOVOS through Disney. I still consider myself a NOOB at all of this. I would consider RS but they do not have first order stuff. At the same time I do not have a budget for a kit anyways lol!
  4. I would highly recommend it. Especially if you have an Annual Pass. Of course, make sure that they have what you are after first.
  5. Could just be perspective, or he's leaning back. There is no denying that sniper plate MIA lol! I wonder if it fell off.
  6. Where are these 3D model files at? I am wanting to make my own F-11D and SE-44C blasters as well? I still feel like I do not know the whole layout of the forums here still lol! I Just found the posts. *Helmet Palm*
  7. In case this is not a known issue, heck maybe it is just me, I have notice that I cannot write in the message box for PMs.
  8. I saw this at Wal-Mart and yes I bought one for the "little trooper."
  9. Does anyone know of any good and publicly shared 3D files for the F-11D and/or the SE-44C? I want to print my own and make adjustments for modifications before I print. But I also believe in not reinventing the wheel so I thought I would ask around before starting from scratch.
  10. I bought a VaderPaint visor too and just finished trimming it yesterday to fit (sort of.) Yea it goes a lot higher than it should so I am still debating on if I want to cut off the excess or not. I also noticed that there is still a gap along parts of the brow, which is why the original has that little over hang. The original visor is junk IMO. Mine broke into 2 pieces when I tried to remove it. I glued it back together so I could use it as reference material. I will try to add my updates on it here since we are in the same situation.
  11. Charitable service is one of the greatest things we can do. Bringing a smile to others is one form of service, plus it is fun!
  12. I am curious as to what their definition of high quality of standards are, because the lens on the FO helmet are very low quality, but the rest of the helmet seems fine so far. Anyways, I hope this works out in your favor. Waiting can be a pain, especially when you spend a lot of money on something.
  13. Yes you still have to wait for it to ship but it does not go by ANOVOS shipping calendar. Disney seems to have priority. So if it is in stock, it will be shipped. I got my helmet within a week or 2. I do not know for sure. I know what I was looking at is definitely an armor kit with soft parts included and the helmet is probably pre-assembled.
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