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  1. First off, he didn't have to show his moulds to anyone, however if he does use his own molds to form his armour and he were to show them it would stop people accusing him of recasting someone else's work. Which brings me to another point you made "Is he hurting you" the answer is no he is not hurting me personally but if, and I repeat IF he is recasting the work of others he is "hurting" someone. Last point, TK's do not cost $3000! Mine is from a vetted member and cost £800 all in. And as I always like to end on a high, you look the business in the armour, nice build Trooper.
  2. I bought one of Ross's kits over a year ago after following build threads on the UKG forums. Ross is a great guy, extremely helpful and offers amazing advise.<br><br> I bought his 2mm capped TK armour, all I can say is it's an amazing kit to work with, the quality is top draw, very sturdy but also very flexible. I can't recommend this armour enough, if your UK based and looking for a great set of armour with amazing service and after service look no further.
  3. Indeed it was mate, very sorry to see him go .
  4. It looks as thought it's a few Garrisons allowing his armour, he has "evidence" of the French Garrison clearing his armour too. I only ask as I keep calling him out on Facebook where he reponds with those examples, looks like he has since deleted my comments too. Classy dude!
  5. Can any of our Canadian friend confirm the legitimacy of this?<br><br><img src="https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4183/34729411125_0d9596b9b6_z.jpg"alt="34729411125_0d9596b9b6_z.jpg">
  6. I think they're genric sound loops, but specifically generic if that make sence, for example during our last visit to Hollywood Studios, my daughter went running up to them and one of them said "woahh, slow down there youngling!" I wouldn't be surprised if most of the responces are controled within a glove remote and some are controled by a handler.
  7. Incredible Jim, such sharp detail, true craftsmanship.
  8. Marc I've just realised your a fellow City fan! Great to see another Blue on here, and your rockin the RWA, nice choice mate.
  9. How do these compare with ShearTechs rubber blasters?
  10. Any plans to add RWA to the list, quality set of armour that is becoming popular in the UK, theres a few Troopers who have gained EIB and Centurion Status with the kit.
  11. Danny Campbell, TK-19790 requesting access please https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22067
  12. Well after a bit of digging I have found a solution to gluing my silicon handguards to my Nomex gloves, the answer was Aquarium Sealant glue.very simple to do, just glue then backs of the handguards, place them on the gloves and weight them down with 2 or 3 heavy hard back books and leave them for 48hrs. The glue behaves very much like E6000, it also has similar properties once dried (waterproof, flexible etc)<br><br><img src="http://media.petsathome.com/wcsstore/pah-cas01//300/1614PL.jpg"alt="1614PL.jpg">
  13. Am I right in thinking that this is the 2 part glue people are talking about?
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