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  1. added more Hengstler counters and other parts to my ebay account. Link in first post
  2. Hard to see but maybe you are right with the smaller eagle on the R1 counter.
  3. sprayed 3 layers with plasti dip for a nice rubber surface, my final result:
  4. filled the Hengstler engraving from the top part with green stuff: drilled the screw holes into the top part and installed real screw heads, smoothen the edges:
  5. cutted out the clean sidewall: installed my resin replica eagle sidewall: disassembled all unnecessary inner parts, installed real srews in the sidewall, fixed the reset button (pressed mode):
  6. started cutting out the socket sidewindow: disassembled the pins and closed all holes with green stuff:
  7. Wanted to show you my interpretation of the original R1 rubber cast Hengstler counter. I build this replica with: - original Hengstler 400 plastic counter - original Hengstler 400 plastic socket - replica resin eagle sidewall - kneadatite green stuff - plasti dip paint my reference pics:
  8. Added some counters. 10% discount for fisd members contacting me by pm.
  9. Please contact me for further informations. "click here"
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