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  1. Oh yeah, I'm not upset about the wait, I at least have other costumes I can troop in, it would just suck if it was your first costume.
  2. Yeah, from what I've heard the Moncal TK is nice. If you do decide to go through them be prepared to wait. I was given a timeframe of 34 weeks when I ordered my TIE in May of 2016, still don't have it.
  3. Well it is and it isn't, you got to figure the company has to pay someone to build it. I don't know about you, it still takes a considerable amount of time to build armor even for veterans.
  4. Most of the quality armor is going to be a bit expensive, but if you save bit by bit it's totally possible and worth it. I would stay away from Originalstormtrooper as there are a bunch of issues. Where are you located? Take a look at the approved vendors list, I can't link it on this comp but it's under the getting started area.
  5. Don't be so sure, nicknames can change VERY easily . .
  6. Did I just see one of the aliens from Mars Attacks in the back of your garage there...... lol
  7. What's been seen cannot be unseen. . . . Gah I need to get around with my EIB shots myself. Good luck with submission.
  8. IMO avoid it. Take a look at Marks link, it's a ton of extra work that you won't need to do with one of the approved vendors. The price isn't even that good either, the battle spec would cost more than the AP kit that I got. You have two great armorers in the UK to choose from as well RS and TM. They might cost a bit more than the SDS but they are far superior.
  9. To be fair he did say that it's converted to semi auto so it might be possible to actually aim it...
  10. Go to this list http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/page-1%27 If it isn't on the list there is usually good reason. Read through the list, then take a look at different threads here regarding each armor type. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but they are on that list for a reason. As others have said, if it isn't on this list it is most likely best to avoid. If you are a bigger person your best bet would be to AM 2.0 or RT Mod. How to contact them is also in that link others (and I) have listed above. Edit: If you are 6'4 and heavy, I don't think the RS kit would fit you although I could be mistaken. Don't go with Original Stormtrooper it just isn't worth it. You will spend way more time, money and effort to bring it up to even basic 501st acceptance. That being said people have gotten it approved with a lot of work.
  11. Congrats Walt! I need to get off my backside and submit my pics...
  12. Little late on my part, but congrats!!!
  13. Just got mine yesterday, looking great thanks!
  14. x2 for pics! To be fair I have belt issues as well. I'm a skinny guy but I have NO arm flexibility and just can't get my belt to fit right. Thankfully handlers...
  15. Congrats man! It looks like it was an awesome first troop. I actually just got back from my first troop as well! It was a blast, other then watching my wheel come off my truck and bounce off a cliff. I ran into Yves this weekend and he passed on the greetings lol.
  16. In the pic up there, mine is inline with photo "A" I really want to get my EIB submitted, I just haven't had the time to get kitted up and take pictures. I still haven't taken my pics for my TIE reserve kit (our XO is getting annoyed as I would be the last one needed to have a TIE flight, which needs minimum 10 members)
  17. I'll link/take pictures of what I bought when I got home and post it up in Tony's sales thread. I just picked up a cheapish Bluetooth transmitter/receiver that plugs into the 3.5 mm aux port on the board.
  18. Shameless plugging Tony Side note: I hooked up a Bluetooth receiver to your SHA and works great with Bluetooth ear buds.
  19. There are a few people on here that produce helmet fan kits, they are all pretty much use the same parts (fans and the like) I will say if you are hard of hearing (even if you aren't) you should look into picking up a hearing assist system. The plastic blocks a lot of sound even for those of us with good hearing. These systems help a lot. It's essentially made up of two small mics, motherboard/soundcard and headphones, makes hearing things much easier as you can adjust the volume. I would link it, but for some reason this computer doesn't like FISD, and links don't tend to work. Take a look in the Imperial Commissary/PX under the Ongoing Sales and Project Orders.
  20. Well if prebuilt helmets make a no go in your book, I guess that means RT-Mod, AP, RS, TM and WTF and any other producer that assembles armor and or uses "centurion approvable" decals for the traps should be out as well?
  21. I have the exact opposite problem....I split my vision between the lenses and the mesh in the mouth. I could cram the helmet down farther but then to look side to side I need to move my whole body...lol
  22. Well to be fair I did place an order for a TI kit a couple of weeks ago...
  23. Looking through this makes me want to get another kit.....lol
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