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  1. Eeh, you are right. I'll probably try to get a screen-accurate pre-trimmed kit, Anovos seems okay but the shipping prices kill it for me: I'll wait around on different sites and if I find anything for sale, I'll ask you guys for your opinion. Thanks
  2. Is SDS kit good? I know about the whole 'court case' but it is quite popular in the 501st UK garrison with only very minor adjustments.
  3. It can be used or brand new, I don't need the helmet I just need the actual armour. We can negotiate prices
  4. I was thinking of buying a not-screen-accurate eFX storm trooper helmet but I decided to have a look on here and ask around, if anyone has armour for sale that they would be willing to sell to me for $300 (£200) then please reply. It can be pre-assembled or in kit-form (I'd prefer to make it myself). Thanks (We can negotiate prices)
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