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  1. Looks like a sort of Stormtrooper/Shoretrooper hybrid!
  2. Different armor makers use all kinds of different ABS with various purities of white. Some are stark white, others are more egg-shell or almost cream colored. It depends on which armor kit you have that will determine the correct white spray paint you'll need. You may have to buy a few different cans and do some color testing. Good luck!
  3. I don't think the EI badge has ever been made into a patch. There are only the rocker patches (EI and Centurion). I know there were metal EI badge lapel pins made at some point...
  4. Honestly, it looks pretty good as is! It looks like there's still some strap you could shorten. Maybe another 1/2" and you're there.
  5. Read the "Getting Started" threads. You'll find everything you need to know there. Read and research. Good luck!
  6. Hi Everett, I think you'll need to contact your GML and have them make the adjustment in the membership database.
  7. Hi Barry. I'm..."Raintrooper" Welcome to FISD! Looking forward to seeing your armor and having you in the garrison!
  8. Wow. So, they decided to completely scrap the horrible first helmet sculpt and then just recast an eFX bucket after 4 weeks (?!?), then try to pass it off as just having "made a few changes"... The guy that did the initial sculpt was on Face-Off a few seasons ago.
  9. Raintrooper

    Armor ID

    http://www.starwarshelmets.com Lots of good info on this site.
  10. Raintrooper

    Armor ID

    That's the way it goes at first for everyone.. You can't tell the difference between an FX and an RS suit. They all just look like Stormtroopers! I spent about a year on this website (reading, studying, looking at build threads, asking questions, learning all the acronyms) before I got my big brown box. Just hang out here for a while... You'll start to get it.
  11. ...Not really understanding your concern either. Your reasoning doesn't make sense. Of course Anovos kits can be built to centurion. From what I understand, those who have achieved centurion have made some mods to the pre-built helmet, and the rest of the armor is just as good as any other kit out there. Scrap the belt, fit the armor to you perfectly, meet all the CRL requirements, and boom.. you're centurion. Seriously.
  12. That's not a bad price, really... The Alpha 75 suits didn't come with boots, and the price on those was around $1,900, with boots being in the $100-150 range. I guesstimated this kit costing about $2,500+ once it hit the general public. If I had the money, I'd be all over this...
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