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  1. hello all, ive been away for awhile and during that time i found me a job which has been a huge blessing and i know i mustve been a bother asking questions about the specs for different costumes but its overwhelming to take in and choose what you want to be and now im finally ready to start BUYING lol and im ready to be apart of the First Order!,, and was wondering if any of you who bought from Jim has the kits and armor been treating you well? also is there any other kit makers that you have been satisfied with and is the anovos first order helmet a good buy? and membership material? Thanks all for being patient but im ready to troop!
  2. yeah they had to cast 6'3 guys to play the role and they look awesome! that helmet is gorgeous hopefully we see the green lights on the bottom in action tomorrow
  3. Im pretty sure somebody has info on these troops! fell in love with the helmet.. Is that a standard black pauldron so i can start buying now lol
  4. Jims is the rugged helmet but there are diff alternatives thanks to Gavin for the pictures
  5. Yeah i was on therpf one of his kits had gotten approval last month.... being new to this what would/is that makes his kit bad for approval?
  6. I thought this trooper was pretty cool looking at .. looked like a survival trooper to me.. and definetly would be cool for a build especially with the pack
  7. Hello everyone you all have been get references in guiding into every direction that i have had trouble on .. ive been looking into first order kits and saw this man from the phillipines is doing kits around $800 or so and really considering going for him.. how much do you think from guesstimation that Anovos would be selling their kits for?.... what would you guys do in my postion wanting a kit , again any input is appreciated thanks again!
  8. I thought the same thing too, and we saw the shield for a brief second but none the less the fight was really cool!
  9. hey Sean im also from AZ and know a local kit maker Tristan in the valley message me if you want more info
  10. Yeah the price is outrageous but really disappointed that they'd tease us with statue instead of an actual armor kit but really cool for any hardcore collector
  11. apparently hoy toys is doing the trooper that i was excited to see last night
  12. i wish sdeshow/hot toys would make a trooper with every possible accessory but thats just desperate wishful thinking lol .. im just waiting for the riot variant... excited now the troopers can equally match a lightsaber
  13. I was on toyark today and came across a new hot toys first order figure and it seems like its a variant of the heavy gunner trooper but ive also seen some stills of the heavy gunner without the cannon .. it seems like a pretty cool figure what do you guys think? ?
  14. try the sherwin williams paint color matching app:) https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/try-on-colors/colorsnap-mobile/
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