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  1. When you're home sick with the flu, initial thought is "oh great, more time to work on the costume!" Then you remember.. you're home sick... with the FLU.
  2. I love that Leia is climbing so hi, I love that name Actually before Star Wars I've always known Ray/Rey as a boy's name. I wonder how many of those "Jedi" are first name or middle names...
  3. So my parents are currently in town from Taiwan (family friend's kid's wedding), so I will have to take a week hiatus (everything into the closet! armor, personality, orientation, self-respect!) I only have to finish the shins, attach them to the knees, and do the forearms. So this speed build will be done for Halloween... and then I will slowly upgrade it. I'm also trying to decide if I should purchase the FemTK and black!Fem7 while Kevin's sale is on. On an amusing note, my dad already found the helmet while moving stuff around. He is impressed. Impressed by my level of crazy. And dedication. But still thinks I'm crazy. And not impressed by my attempt to hide everything. Oh well....
  4. So I did end up going to Santa Clara City Library Comic Con and it was a blast. Big thanks to the peeps from the Golden Gate Garrison who were super willing to listen to me complain and explain helmet padding, gluing, etc. Special shout out to the two TK's who let me take pictures of their hand pieces to see how they had attached (one velcro to the glove, one on an elastic band) So per usual I'm great at plans, terrible at sticking to them, and have been terrible at documenting. But wanted to give everyone a progress report: Corset + butt done chest: done'ish, but need to attach teh shoulder straps. Also, I think I need to curve the shoulder pieces more but hot water dosen't seem to work very well thighs: done, but considering how easy it is to slip on adn off, consdering removing the velcro and just gluing it into solid pieces. Also, constantly adjusting the elastic cuz it keeps slipping biceps: done forearms: almost done, need to glue the greeblies on, but all my magnets are on the shins bucket: assembled, brow and neck lines attached. The neck was a little short, and I made the opening on the front cuz I plan on painting the vodocoder facelens has been applied, but the bottom is a little detached, and I'm trying to decide how to attach it also, working on teh decals
  5. Like, when you call her name, do people recognize it as a Star Wars character, or do they just think it's a pretty/unique name?
  6. Not been doing a good job documenting because the past two weekends have been ridiculously busy for me. First had a friend visiting from Texas, then a friend from NY, and I was playing endless tour guide. Luckily though, New York helped me fit the chest plate. However, I noticed that due to my epic vertical challenges, the chest plate is a smiiiidge longer than I need, but I think it can be fixed by curving the shoulder straps a bit more. A little scared of using hot water or a heat gun, considering how klutzy I am. I also shaped and fitted my bicep armor and forearm armor. I did, however, decide to play with the ABS paste and used that to join the seams. Unfortunately I found that there seems to have been bubbles in the paste, as when I sanded they were revealed I think after Halloween I will want to learn more about bondo or something, for now it's passable. I also worked on my bucket the past few days... gluing was a breeze, but cutting the face shield was not. It's currently setting right now, hoping I won't have to adjust it because it was a royal pain. Trying to get as much done this week since I'm going to try and attend the Santa Clara City Library Comic Con that @shashachu invited me to, but I'm just a smidgey worried about transportation and time constraints. Next weekend my parental units are going to be in a town, so eeeeeeverything has to go into the closet: armor, personality, individuality, orientation.... oh hey maybe that's what the Stormtrooper program is like!
  7. that's different! Does it get recognized?
  8. ...I find this part hilarious. If I ever join 501st I guarantee you GGG's reports will just be a list of my klutziness.
  9. I TOTALLY forgot about having Benjamin as a possibility. Come on everyone, I KNOW there are a lot more Luke's out there. I was a teacher, I have taught 3 Hermione's, and that fandom has not been around nearly as long!
  10. How old is he, and is there going to be a Leia?
  11. I'll start... I don't have any kids or pets, but I do know 2 One is a coworker of mine named Luke. When I jokingly asked him if he had a sister named Leia, he responded that instead he had a brother named Han and a brother named George. After that, his mom told his dad "no more attempts for a Leia". Another was when I was a kindergarten teacher back in Taiwan. I had a set of Happa (half white) Dragon Phoenix twins in one of my classes. Due to Chinese beliefs regarding Dragon Phoenix twins (boy girl set of twins), and traditional naming conventions for siblings, I already had some preconceived notions what the kids' Chinese names would be. I figured their English names would be more Americanized, since their mom was White and American. Boy's English name was Luke, girl was named Emma. Ok. Then I found out that while the boy's Chinese name was Lei Chun... the gir's name was Lei Ya. Mom didn't even notice until one day I called for Emma by her given Chinese name instead of her English name or full Chinese name. Oh she instantly thwapped the dad, he started hooting. Good on ya for slipping it past her, and he even made Lei the root/sibling character to hide it!
  12. All right, 'fess up time... How many of you have kids named Luke or Leia (or any other Star Wars characters)? Or know anyone named specifically after Star Wars characters?
  13. So I spent the day on the Ladies of the Legion FB group talking to everyone, and I decided to shim pieces of my abdominal armor under the kidney plate. This way the abdominal plate will slide over the shim, covering any gaps. Also, it looks like the butt plate and belt will hide the weird gaps that result on the bottom. Also, I got a little zealous again and cut off the edges of the lower thigh that were poking me, but Ladies Legion said that I should actually line up the outer part of the thigh, and then trim the inside. Whoops. Reattaching those too. While I was waiting for people to get online and give me some ideas, I spent the day using my rotary tool and sanding smooth the edges of the thighs, biceps, and forearms. Also spent some time trying to decide how to attach the butt plate. I also attached snaps to elastic... but when I tried to test them together, not all of them fit. I'm confused.
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