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  1. Come build with me because I'm going insane. Not sanctioned/approved by any SW group, just me (I'm not even approved yet) https://zoom.us/j/610826036?pwd=ZURxbWJqT0djbmlDY0VjdWVZWDY5Zz09 Going to be working on my FemTK UPDATE: THIS ONE IS DONE.
  2. Help Medical Professionals in the fight against Covid-19! When a hospital in Brescia, Italy ran out of life-saving respirator valves, local 3D printing stepped in to help! [BBC] [3D Printing Media Network] According to Twitter, the hospital's ICU supplier was not happy and refused to supply the blueprints. [source] As a preventative measure of the same situation happening in your local area, there is now crowdsource project where people can volunteer about their 3D printers and to assist in designing other necessary medical supplies if needed. I know a lot of people here have 3D printers or are design expertise. Please consider joining Project Open Air, where you commit to volunteering the usage of your 3D Printer in case the respirator shortfall hits your local hospital. Google Document where people list what they have However, do wait until you are called upon, since some printers and materials are not suitable for medical useage. However, every little bit helps (testing models, etc). Mods LMK if this is not appropriate.. I originally wanted to post in the 3D printer area but I don't know it well enough.
  3. 在台灣過年! 26號回美國, 我應該去哪裡買star wars 的東西? 西門町剛逛完了,沒什麼.....
  4. While I'm glad that they were finally voiced this time, was just hoping we wouldn't have to walk awkwardly to be canon lol. Obviously someone in props dept called them out enough to tweak Phasma's armor, but all the grunts still have walk bowlegged
  5. Coming into this thread late... did anyone notice any differences in the codpieces of any of the troopers? I heard what I thought was a woman's scream when one of the jet troopers died, and there definitely were women's voices in the stormtrooper tracks. The traditional male codpiece in stormtrooper supposedly is uncomfortable to walk or stand in, though some find it tolerable with practice (I would think it be like walking with a potato taped there...) Armies are uniform so it makes sense that there is no real distinctions between men and women's armor (unless the woman is particularly busty, but it's the same issues as a fluffy trooper). But it would make sense that the codpiece would be different, since men's and women's pelvic bones are shaped differently. They did change it for Capt Phasma, afterall.... I also get that this will be lower down on everyone's priority list, but I just want to put it out on people's heads when they go for a rewatch.
  6. ... I have a rep at my workplace now. Basically ,when I showed up as Darth Nihilus and as a Stormtrooper, upper mgmt was like "...we're like 95% sure we know who that is...."
  7. ...they also weren't big star wars fans so it was more of a "hey look where we are hahahahaha" so i'm pretty sure they didn't look too hard and avoided stores so i wouldn't screech at them for not getting a lightsaber.
  8. My colleagues just came back from GE and they didn't see this anywhere. Hopefully just temporarily out of stock. Also, I originally was going to dismantle mine since it was a bit wonky, but so far it's been holding up?
  9. Like most ladies, FemTK enjoys taking a nice bubble bath to wash off the dirt and dust of travelling in an enclosed space. But her bubbles are made with Dawn dish soap, and she's washing off packing peanuts and mold release residue.
  10. Looks like you guys participated in the October promo! Did you guys have a lot of mold release on the inside of you pieces? It's like super oil/greasy in mine.
  11. For future reference, nail polish remover is strong enough, provided it's 100% acetone (no additives). I purchased up and up brand at Target Make sure you don't buy the ones labelled with "strengtheners" or that have an added scent or color.
  12. Hi Tim! Thanks for contributing, but I'm a little unclear where you want to put this. ARe these suggested vendors? If so, could you let me know where to find them?
  13. updated to add Henry's Helmet Fans, recommended by the lovely gals in the Legacy TK build on Facebook Female characters have smaller buckets, and less space available So I'm going to start noting if sellers have smaller sizes available.
  14. hey can you tell me the size of your smaller fan option? I'm going to tag the sellers that have smaller size options.
  15. Here's a list of things to work on to improve the armor. This was, after all, a speed build on a first time build, so there were a few hiccups. 1. Replace the belt it has broken on me several times, and I am actually not too happy with using the solid plastic that way. I recall @Navajo Bro's documented build they also swapped the belt out with a rubber matt they had cut and glued into a long strip. Also just considering buying something since I'm like totally out of energy now. 2. redo some of the strapping So it turns out I had accidentally used some of the straps included in the kit incorrectly. First is the thighs: there were two very long pieces of webbing that I got mixed up with some of the webbing I had, and ended up cutting them for other things. So they're actually meant to attach to the thighs and go on like suspenders. Instead, I had used the elastic straps meant to hold the biceps up as holds for the thighs. This is not working since the elastic is obviously already stretching. I'm not worried about the biceps, because they hold up pretty well, but I might switch it too 3. clean up forearms So I worked on the forearms when I had the flu, so they're pretty jank. Fine for costuming, but the perfectionist in me is twitchy. First is I need to remove the return edges on the wrist, they're where my main armor bite is. Also possibly trim down the whole thing , again armor bites at the elbow. Next is to possibly bondo or caulk the seams where the greeblie is attached to the forearm. I was a little overzealous when sanding it, so there's some slight gaps. Lastly, to clean up joint. I had the idea of using ABS past to join the pieces, not realizing that the abs paste had bubbles in it, and had slightly discolored. I kinda want to learn about bondo, but then I'd have to paint it. 4. Redo seams on the legs My thighs and shins were a lot smaller than the kit, so I ended up trimming a lot from it. The result was that they were a little less curved, and can tell the plastic is pulling hard on the E6000 glue. I might ABS paste this, since as messed up as my forearms look, they're super secure. The bottom of the shin might need some trimming, since I'm pretty short and it knocks into my boots 5. getting a different size shoe so Imperial Surplus had a boot that was sold with the kit, and I was advised to go down about half a size. Well I'm actually in between a 7.5 and a 8, so wearing a size 7 actually is not the most comfortable. Since I've worn it obviously can't return/exchange, so the question is whether to contact them to get the larger size, or to get a different one completely ALSO.. I ORDERED A BLACK FEM7 KIT. SO STAY TUNED FOR ANOTHER BUILD IN THE FUTURE... hopefully better documented and more carefully done ALSO. I DID ORDER THE LEGACY TK KIT. Guess I might actually try to join the 501st... but I'm really scared of all teh snap plates! I got away with velcro'ing everything in this one~!!
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