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  1. JZYL

    Menshen (门神)

    太好笑了!! We gotta do what we gotta do during these times.
  2. sidenote, that is some great looking bedding XD XD yee gods you know you're bored when.....
  3. I'm disappointed in you all. Perfect opportunity for a "Merry Sithmas" or "I find your lack of cheer disturbing" and you didn't take it? for shame! XD XD XD
  4. I get a MILLION pings every Monday asking if I have seen the latest episode yet. Sometimes even on Friday I'll get pings. I literally have to leave my status as "Mandalorian on Monday's, please don't ask or spoil me" *** it's traditional for me to watch it with my older brother, and he works weekends. I'm really getting annoyed with people who can't seem to wait a weekend before posting spoilers... my brother can easily avoid it because, well, he's a nurse so after work he just basically drops dead after his shift.
  5. I like it and I don't. That white isn't going to stay white for long.
  6. So my landlady got a corgi puppy, that will be my future roommate once SIP is over. Since we're both Taiwanese gals, she named him Boba But he needed a middle name, so she bestowed Fett as a middle name (which I am truly honored and grateful) ...but now I need a Boba Fett dog costume. The only one I found was a hoodie from Petco from 2013, and there's only a Large size on Ebay. Anyone have any recommendations, even a good custom one? Obviously not for Halloween at this point, but even a future commission....
  7. So I bought the Mattel Baby Yoda 11" plush toy. I was having a bit of a rough day so I was cuddling him while working at the computer (WFH). ...and completely forgot that I was still holding him while on video calls on Zoom and Microsoft Teams. In fact, I only realized when I was called out during an OPS meeting when the PM pointed out that I should change my zoom background, which was redundent because it was also baby yoda. siiiiigh. Like, no one even thought it was remarkable anymore.
  8. Bringing this back up, one week until Q4 and it's Paypal that's the 5% again. Makes this time of year a good time to commission and pay through Paypal.
  9. There's a very scary question I have to ask... That's a lot of people in memoriam Is it normal (and maybe I haven't been paying attention to it), just a random blip, delays in notification due to the pandemic causing them to all get notification at once, or causalities of the pandemic itself?
  10. be careful. I've already been sent the rick roll version.
  11. That's memorable! Yeeesh careful with props.... and giving them to people I accidentally broke a Final Fantasy cosplayer's giant sword at Fanime once. As an adult looking back, he totally deserved it though. [was my first Fanime Con, and I had lost my friends and family. This guy was hardcore hitting on me (though I had no idea at the time), while I was admiring his cosplay. He gave me the sword and attempted to "show" me how to "swing" it by basically wrapping himself around me, which startled me. Between that and it being super heavy for me, I fell off a step and drop
  12. and here I thought you were a Growlithe or Arcanine fan.
  13. Mine is my initials....ish Jessica Lee is way way waaaaaay too common (which is great, I'm practically unGoogleable - there's a figure skater, professional violinist, British politician, playboy bunny, actress, and many others), I sometimes stick my Chinese name in the middle to differentiate. I go back and forth between Tongyong or Hanyu Romanization standards to spell it. Just happened to use Hanyu Pinyin for here. On an amusing note, I sometimes use a deliberate bad translation of my Chinese name in some forums. I have a plan for getting a Mandalorian name whenever I f
  14. my profile picture is actually me at work on SW day two years ago. We had a costume contest at work which was promptly cancelled and I was declared the winner when I walked in LOL Also, the SVP of Finance all but kidnapped me into his office, and then called in members of his team individually to scare them. I told him that if our numbers were fudged that month it was totally on him Also, this past Halloween I and another colleague might be the reason why there is a very strict "no running around" rule on Halloween. See, I was dressed as a Fem7 (fan inspired female v
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