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  1. Bringing this back up, one week until Q4 and it's Paypal that's the 5% again. Makes this time of year a good time to commission and pay through Paypal.
  2. There's a very scary question I have to ask... That's a lot of people in memoriam Is it normal (and maybe I haven't been paying attention to it), just a random blip, delays in notification due to the pandemic causing them to all get notification at once, or causalities of the pandemic itself?
  3. be careful. I've already been sent the rick roll version.
  4. That's memorable! Yeeesh careful with props.... and giving them to people I accidentally broke a Final Fantasy cosplayer's giant sword at Fanime once. As an adult looking back, he totally deserved it though. [was my first Fanime Con, and I had lost my friends and family. This guy was hardcore hitting on me (though I had no idea at the time), while I was admiring his cosplay. He gave me the sword and attempted to "show" me how to "swing" it by basically wrapping himself around me, which startled me. Between that and it being super heavy for me, I fell off a step and dropped it. As I'm freaking out and bruised, and the dude looks pissed, my older brother finally spots me and runs over. Big bro scoops me up to calm me down while my dad goes to talk to the cosplayer about paying him back. But then my dad basically like "ok if you need it repaired I'll pay for it, but if it was so expensive then did you give it to a 12 year old?". Dude suddenly realizes that he'd been flirting with a tall child and not a little woman, and basically high tailed it out of there. For context, both my teenage brother and my dad were both over 6'3"]
  5. and here I thought you were a Growlithe or Arcanine fan.
  6. Mine is my initials....ish Jessica Lee is way way waaaaaay too common (which is great, I'm practically unGoogleable - there's a figure skater, professional violinist, British politician, playboy bunny, actress, and many others), I sometimes stick my Chinese name in the middle to differentiate. I go back and forth between Tongyong or Hanyu Romanization standards to spell it. Just happened to use Hanyu Pinyin for here. On an amusing note, I sometimes use a deliberate bad translation of my Chinese name in some forums. I have a plan for getting a Mandalorian name whenever I finish my Mando armor. I will find the most Whitest peeps in the clan, tell them my Chinese name, and then have them attempt to say it or spell it. It's going to be great/hilarious, especially considering that the zh (hanyu) ch (tongyong) sound does not exist in English.
  7. my profile picture is actually me at work on SW day two years ago. We had a costume contest at work which was promptly cancelled and I was declared the winner when I walked in LOL Also, the SVP of Finance all but kidnapped me into his office, and then called in members of his team individually to scare them. I told him that if our numbers were fudged that month it was totally on him Also, this past Halloween I and another colleague might be the reason why there is a very strict "no running around" rule on Halloween. See, I was dressed as a Fem7 (fan inspired female version of a FOTK), and he was dressed as a Jedi. And I just chased him around the office. Very little work was done that day.
  8. Very happy about the release date for second season of the Mandalorian... ...but I got pinged 10 times by my coworkers within the first hour of work. Including by one of the SVP's and by the head of HR. Share stories of how you know you are THE Star Wars person at work! As for myself.... Colleagues give me SW themed Valentine's Day and Birthday cards. When I showed up to work on Halloween in full armor, my boss looked at me and was like "...I'm 95% sure that's Jessy in there." (My reaction was "who's the other 5%?!") New hires are told to find me from all the Star Wars toys on my cubicle. The day after the season finale of Clone Wars dropped, I got like 5 pings of people asking what my reaction was. When places started closing down due to the pandemic, someone stuck the meme of General Grevious on my desk.
  9. heeeey you take that back about Jar Jar. He got me into Star Wars (I watched the OT before I could speak English... so yeah I didn't get into the universe until the Prequel series which came out when I was a little older and could speak English).
  10. Problem is when everyone else gets the same idea. And then they all try to use the same facilities and trash everything. Humans are awful.
  11. Countryman actually wrote back to me when I asked about mics that work with masks. See below The E6 omnidirectional microphone is still a little eyewatering but apparently is specifically meant to be more resistant to moisture and face oil. It's also very small and can stay relatively flush to the cheek. Personally the price isn't what's holding me back (1 I'm fairly financially stable and flush, and 2 my consider my godbrother's health worth quite a lot). It's being intimidated by all the electronics. I did recently purchase a throat mic from ixradio, and it's been really touchy for me. I don't know if it's because I have yet to find the "sweet spot" on my throat, or if my neck is too thin. Also, It turns out it has a cellphone connection, which doesn't work going straight into my Aker. After speaking with their customer service, I've ordered an audio splitter, but not too keen on all these hanging off of me.
  12. Throwing this in here for food for thought Article on Hamilton production: most of the cast wear their mics on their foreheads because it increases clarity. Note that not all actors did this, notably the ones that were bald. Not sure how a mask might interfere, but it's another placement thought. I wear a BTS cap most of the time when I'm out (don't want to deal with sunglasses). For those unaware, it's a normal baseball/dad cap that has "piercings" on it. I've been known to hang a little lego stormtrooper or keychains on there. Amusingly, I could probably hang a small speaker from it, and probably keep some of the wiring under the hat.
  13. JZYL


    Clicking random, it works! Great job!
  14. My father recently sent me an article about some seriously wicked cool Gundam face masks with the comment: "hm. And what are you Star Wars people doing?" I posted to the FISD FB group with 'shots fired!! what are we doing?!"
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