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  1. Finally got some time to print off a few more bits of my e11. Been hoarding parts for my motorbikes so thought it get the 3d printer earning its keep again.
  2. Aaaaaand deposit paid for the armour still a few months away due to back log but still excited none the less.
  3. thanks to sskunky for replying to me i seem to be too big #chunky for cfo the search continues
  4. thanks for the warm welcome everyone, have officially messaged cfo on Facebook and await a response
  5. Hi everyone, my names piers just starting out on my journey to eventually joining the 501st. I have joined up to my local garrison here in Australia and have been doing a bunch of research which has led to a rabbit hole of information. My aim is to have ROTJ armour still trying to work out what would work for me 6" and 110kg . Is there a strict procedure in contacting a builder? i have one in mind but they are based in the US so any advice would be appreciated.
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