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  1. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=6074&costumeID=124 Hello, TK5019 requesting 501st access please
  2. Looks like it's doing the same thing in this thread... When I enter a break it types in <br><br> On its own
  3. Hello, I keep trying to update my first post in my for sale thread and when o do the coding gets all screwed up. It's like it automatically adds in it own code. <br><br> How do I fix this?
  4. the blaster sounds are pretty accurate, but the static sounds I'm not diggn' as much. Anyone know where to get more accurate static sounds... mainly I'm looking for the "kahh!" sound... instead of the "pt.shh" if that makes sense is there a way to extract sound files from the DVD?
  5. I'll keep that in mind, however the photo appears like it is not bending much at all... If you notice during this scene it looks like they are actually coming off... which is why it is probably the best reference to use. Other reference pictures do not match perfectly, because they bend at the corners... but my plates still match up pretty well (mainly the corners are smaller... which is what happens when they bend... the middle strip remains the most constant). I guess I will make a casting after making a few slight adjustments, and then go from there. I may make a V.2 if I can find more ways to make them accurate
  6. update... First pic is from the film... its actually a few frames from the one I was originally using... it is much more flat on so probably the least amount of warping from the camera angle in the entire film... that I could find. I decrease 25% transparency as the pictures progress... The last pic. is my new handplate... please let me know your thoughts
  7. I have crapified my handplates... just to get a rough idea of where the lines should be... I'll need to stop and get some epoxy on my way home from work today, so I can start the perfecting process when I get home After comparing pics... here is what I found I needed to change... here's where it is at right now... its pretty rough, and yes I know it looks pretty terrible. Although... it may even be more accurate this way but no... the main thing I wanted to do was get the correct shape... which I still need to add to and fix up more, but they will be sanded down, smoothed out, and the detail will be sharpened.
  8. well, its back to square 2. after spending a few hours doing a frame by frame in every scene in ANH with a stormtrooper... I had a chance to get alot of reference.... after doing alot of comparisons I found alot of inaccuracies about my plates. I made the strip thinner, as well as repositioned it... In the reference pic I provided looks like a chunk was taken out of the left side of the hand plate, hence why it is not as square as all the others. I see now what you mean by squaring off the edges. I think I will be able to make these much more accurate within the next few days... I'll post some progress once I get it sanded down and primed again.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I did notice after taking the pics that I should make the raised strip a bit narrower. Would you mind sending me a good reference pic? I've been working off this one mainly.
  10. A LONG LONG TIME AGO.... I sculpted these out of clay and made direct mold from silicone, I tried to make the handplates out of urethane (quite hard urethane at that) and I just couldn't get it to stick... the project was then put on hold for several years. finally, I got around to refining my handplate. I casted a resin model, then began sanding away... after several days of sanding, carving, bleeding (only a litte cause I screwed up) and priming... I came up with this... Note: they have not been painted... only primed this is the first real thing that I've ever created, so please blooden me over the head with critique. I want to make final corrections before I make a mold of it. Thanks!
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