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  1. Thanks! Just so happens yesterday (June 13) was my 2-year 501st Legion Anniversary. I joined with an Imperial Crewman approval then, and I got word of my TK qualification last night via email from my GML !!
  2. Haven't made an update in a long time; I did a Snowtrooper build in the months since. Here is where I am now: My spats have a tendency to ride up a bit, but then cover the black pill decals on my shins. I may trim the kneecaps a bit; I foresee them constantly catching and then popping off as they're held onto the gasket by velcro.
  3. Due to life being the pain it can be - I don't get to see "The Last Jedi" til I troop on Sunday. SO before I go internet dark to try and avoid as many spoilers as I can, I thought I'd have a little fun showing off the progress I've made so far. Yes, I'm sitting, and no I haven't built any part of my armor below the chest plate yet! Merry Star Wars Eve, everyone!
  4. I ended up using the boiling water method to heat and shape the lens material.
  5. I did the connect-the-drill holes with a dremel to cut most of the lens port away. The lens material KB sent looks to be sized and shaped perfectly..but it's really thick. I have a heat gun but before I mess with it, how should I approach getting that thing shaped/ curved to where it will set correctly in place? Also, what works best for keeping that lens in place...screws? E6000? Velcro?
  6. I'll probably go the decal route for my First Order Judicial shoulder bells. Anybody know any good sources for gray 2.5-2.75" FO cogs?
  7. I bought the KB Props FOTK. I’ll be painting most of it white, shoulder bells and yoke will be matte black. My big brown box arrived earlier today.
  8. Hello! I've been with the Legion 16 months now, first as an IN then as a TI for the past year. This is only my fourth post in FISD, but my first as someone seriously about to begin on a TK build. I'm apprehensive, to say the least, and just trying to pace myself with the research as it's like trying to drink from a firehose navigating through all the info here. I've built a Walt's Trooper Factory Navy Trooper bucket, as well as his TIE Pilot setup. This feels like it's on a whole other level. Waiting on FOTK armor from Kevin at the moment, but in the meantime he's sent me one of his new Judicial kits to work on. Any immediate suggestions, comments, tips before I begin -- very much appreciated! -Mark
  9. Thanks! Yes, I found a lot of helpful feedback over at IOC and I posted progress photos during my helmet build to hopefully lend assistance to anyone else considering this helmet kit.
  10. Not sure if I have it here yet, <br> Requesting 501st status, IN81774<br> Thanks!<br> -Mark
  11. Hello! Just over the weekend I'd gotten approval for the first piece of 501st Legion armor I've ever finished: an Imperial Navy Trooper helmet. This one was a kit from Walt's Trooper Factory, for anyone looking for a source to grab this helmet in kit form. A simple switch of headgear from my Imperial Crewman uniform and it was pretty much good to go. Next things I want to get ahold of are an approvable blaster (DL-21 for jumpsuited IN) and then a dress uniform, DH-17, appropriate holsters. Fun with photoshop because my living room wasn't as cool a background (Yes, I know the Hasbro E-11 isn't ok per CRL)
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