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  1. I will get those up soon sorry I looked at the pin post on the top and did not realize it was outdated for the list and I can't believe i put my holster on the wrong side that is my bad it will take awhile for me to work on some of the improvements mentioned I will have to write them all down and get cracking the helmet will not be fun......
  2. What panel?? Sorry I'm unsure what you mean by TD. oh you meant the detonator omg sorry i didn't have coffee earlier now i get it it might be the picture but i do have spared endcaps will see if those are better also they may not be fuloly pushed on i wasnt sure about the no gap some pictures were a bit either or when i was looking at others
  3. I'm surprised they didn't go for 501 for Cent but hey who ever gets that number has ultimate bragging rights in my opinion. I hope i can make this one i missed out on the 1000 and am waiting for ESB now
  4. Armor = Walts Trooper Factory Helmet Maker = Me? (was a part of the Kit from Walt) Blaster= Shear Tech Height = 5' 10" Boots = Imperial Boots Canvas belt = Tkittle Neck Seal = Geeky Pinks Phantastic Gaskets Holster = Darmans Props
  5. Hi I was recently accepted on Nov 10th one day before my birthday and was very pleased with my early birthday present!
  6. I have fixed most of what you listed. sorry it's an older picture and I liked the pose so I used it
  7. TK-42150 from California: Central California Garrison requesting 501st status please! Legion Info
  8. I am finished and approved as of 11pm Cali time now to take pictures for lvl 2 and then lvl 3 and hopefully be apart of the 500 since i missed the 1000!!!
  9. thank you for the support and replies yes i have noticed some ie scuffs and e6000 glue any good ways to address these issues also helmet clean up. if you can zoom on the thighs and shin you will notice they are not the best they are being fixed and what color would work for the detonator? can i use a flat or semi gloss gray spray or no?
  10. SOO mega update I got it wearable for 2019 Halloween but I am making changes to go for Centurion (i place full blame on @sharkbait for telling me about the pretty things) and i have a PICTURE finally found one that would work but here it is 2 months of slaving away in 2019 paid off well i also won my work place costume contest not that i cared i just felt so cool!!!! also lots of ppl loved it and did several pictures and double takes on the armor both young and old enjoyed it! Edit i added the second pic with the Helmet on
  11. Update I have glued most of the extremities with the exception of the helmet and thighs. my cat also seems to love playing with any trimmings I don't put into the bag or he steals them from there one of the two
  12. So for the one bicep i did it was a struggle to clamp so there is a gap and i will deal with it after Halloween but it does make it easier to put on since i may have trimmed to much i will be more care full with the other pieces
  13. i have tried to upload on imgur but it keeps freezing at 7 or 15% so im stopping until i can figure out why it keeps freezing.
  14. lets see if it works edit nope they cant seem to upload well but i will keep trying!
  15. update while waiting I got my face plate and began to cute with a box cutter (it works) also this website hates my phone picture (i.e. they are to big somehow?)
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