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  1. Greetings, Should read the forums more didn't know this was a thing. Requesting 25 badge but should be up to 50 early next year!
  2. Umm, always thought this was just for sharing pictures.....didn't know we did this to track troops! I've been a TK (ANH Stunt) since April of 2015 starting out with SOCAL Garrison, transferring to Imperial Sands Garrison when it stood up then moved to Garrison Titan in late 2016. Had a lot of fun along the way, pulled the info from both the Imperial Sands and Garrison Titan event pages/rosters. Also being a TK don't normally carry a camera so I'm in garrison shots but more often than not don't have it on my camera. Three included are: Navy NICU reunion party, Garrison Titan TK photo at ECCC and Fan Film shot at Imperial Sand National Park....I'm the lone TK! EDIT: As I don't have direct access to ISG records, had to update listing to only events i could confirm. 2015: 14 troops: - 1 - 30 Mar - WonderCon (line duty) First Troop in Armor! 2 - 10 Apr - SW day at the Santee Library 3 - 17 Apr - SW Celebration (not official Garrison troop but was in the FISD photo and met Albin!) 4- 9 May - COSTCO Fundraiser for Miracle Network 5- 10 May - Triangle Fraternity fund raiser for charity 6 - 16 May - San Diego Central Library Star Wars day 7 - 6 June - Balboa Naval Hospital NICU Event 8 - 4 Jul - Coronado 4th of July Parade 9 - 17 Sept - Poway Library Star Wars Day 10- 1 Oct - Autism Walk 11 - 13 Nov - El Centro Sand Dunes Fan Film Request 12 - 15 Nov - A'J's Crane Con for Rady's Children's hospital 13 - 2 Dec - Vista Holiday Parade 14 - 14 Dec - TFA Premier at San Diego Fleet Science Center 2016: 7 TK troops: (also qualified ID in 2016) 1 - 20 Jan - SD Gulls SW Night 2 - 30 Jan - Robert Taylor Memorial 3 - 11 Mar - EL Centro Food Fest and Air Show 4 - 22 Apr - Walk for wishes 5 - 7 May - Operation Super hero at Miramar USMC Air Station 6 - 30 Nov - Woodland park zoo wildlights 7 - 15 Dec - Rogue One Opening Night at the Cinerama 2017: 5 TK Troops 1 - 4 Mar - Garrison Parade at ECCC 2 - 5 Mar - Blast a trooper target at ECCC 3 - 18 Mar - Dodge-Keen wedding to benefit Seattle Children's hospital 4 - 25 Jun - Seattle Pride Parade (Armor problems: 5 - 16 Dec - The Last Jedi premier at the Cinerama 2018: 8 TK Troops 1 - 3 Mar - Blast a trooper and Garrison photo at ECCC 2 - 7 Apr - 85th annual Daffodil Parade 3 - 4 May - Seattle Mariners Star Wars Night 4 - 12 May - Hellbent Brewing Cheese Wars : 'The Last Cheddai' 5 - 24 Jun - Seattle Pride Parade 6 - 30 Jun - Washington Toy and Geek Festival 7 - 4 Aug - Kimsey-Love Wedding 8 - 8 Dec - Holiday Hero's Toys for Tots event NEX Bangor 2019: 7 TK Troops 1 - 15 Mar - Blast a trooper 2 - 4 May - Free Comic Book day - Shoreline Library 3 - 4 May - McDaniel Wedding 4 - 15 Jun - Washington Summer Con 5 - 30 Jun - Seattle Pride Parade 6 - 17 Aug - Weird Al Yankovic afternoon show 7 - 17 Aug - Weird Al Yankovic evening show 41....confirmed events....
  3. All, Been a while and with RL haven't been on the forums as much as i should. That said I've been working on the armor and although I don't have an IP thread I do have a 90% solution (see photo). Essentially after using nearly all of the processes discussed earlier in the thread (T-cut was the one i could not get as it seems the white version was only available in England) with little improvement spoke to a couple of folks at my garrison and strangely enough Daetrim who attended one of our Garrison Titan monthly meet and greets. Finally decided to sand it. I started with 800 grit paper, but progress was slow. So i cheated a little and used my dremil's polishing attachment and accelerated the process. After i got the bulk of the dye out i went back to 1200 grit paper, then 1500. When it looked like i had gotten the main dye streak and the other 'shadow' streaks (in the original photo to the left and below the big streak) out i shifted to Novos 3, 2 and then 1. I definitely have some more polishing and buffing to do but it is much improved and should be ready for ECCC. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  4. Thanks all!! Looks like I will be doing some research and testing with the mineral spirits, CiF and T-Cut. They all sound like good, localized applications to correct the problem and that is my desire. If one of those don't work I can always look at painting although replacing the chest piece...'shutter'...seems like a last resort. Was using fair amount of Novus 3 so not sure the 2 would make much more progress. Will let you all know how it goes!
  5. Are these just the kits or assembled sets?
  6. Hey all, Been searching the forums and asked some folks from my garrison but no luck so far, kind of stuck on issue in the subject line. I trooped a while back and for a number of not good reasons didn't unpack my kit when I returned home. I did open the lid to air it out by my wife shut it that night when she was doing some painting in the garage (it's heated and a good space for working on projects not cold and damp). I then went on an extended business trip so bottom line 4 weeks later I open my case and see the below. I left my neck seal on that area of armor and it seems like some of the dye bled into the ABS. Not sure how it could bleed into the ABS but it isn't on the surface as I've spent a significant amount of time using NOVUS 3 trying to get it out without much success (looks a little lighter than when I started). I've heard some suggestions from sanding with fine grit sandpaper to finding some white dye (which is harder than you think!). I've also been told just to accept it and turn it into a sandie, as most of the kit is still shinny I would prefer not doing that if I can reverse or correct the blue streak. Any advice would be appreciated!!! Rob
  7. Zhong, when do you expect the items to go on the website and do you have the link?
  8. Thank you! And thanks for the additional comments, i definitely want to improve the armor and start moving toward the next level...although I've been trooping a lot lately so will need to repair some cracks too.
  9. Pete, Thanks! I've seen something similar in the forums and have since i took the photos put the snaps on the boot pull on straps...my problem is I've read bad things about E6000 and metal/ABS reaction so used a not so great glue for the snap support in the shin..didn't work. In the picture (upper left corner) you show a white plate with a hole, is that a piece of ABS or is a sticky tape item similar to a EKG strip? Your diagram is helpful and will just need to find a better way to reattach the interior snap. Of course another part of the problem is I have a size 12UK/13US shoe that likes to get out from under the shin piece because of the width of the ankle material...sigh. The TK boots should be a little better but I will need to strap those too I believe. Also noticed in the your photo in the lower right corner that shin pieces are trimmed...doing that may help out too... Joe, Thanks...and i like your modification! One strap for the RS build isn't enough so I'll be incorporating the kidney change when I re-strap the rest of the set. I've got all the materials (thanks for the offer!) so all I need is RL to cut me some slack and give me time to breakdown it down then put it all back together...in one 2-3 day period. I knowing me if i don't do it all at once it will take far longer than it should because I tend to get derailed on longer projects. Thanks!
  10. Rob "Chobs"/"Jervis" Csorba TK-12621 Ltchobs Imperial Sands Garrison, San Diego, CA Mandatory Information Armor = RS Prop Masters (RS) Full Commission Helmet= RS Prop Masters (RS) Blaster= BlasTech E-11, RS Prop Masters (RS) Optional Height = 74" Weight = 205 pounds Boots = RS Prop Masters (RS) Canvas belt = RS Prop Masters (RS) Hand Plates = RS Prop Masters (RS) Electronics= iComm with Ecker Neck Seal = RS Prop Masters (RS) Holster = RS Prop Masters (RS) Have no idea why a few of them came out as thumbnails, camera man must have been drinking! A few items I've noticed and will take/have taken action on: -- Kidney Plate: Is not quite right, I want to/will move it down to a better position but was going to wait until I have more time off of work. I've noticed this issue/comment with most if not all of the RS builds. -- RS uses screws for their strapping, my intention is to replace the whole set once they start to fail (some of mine have begun to crack around screw holes but caught them before breaking) -- I'm close to the height limit for this armor in these boots...I've ordered a set from TK boots which are 2 inches higher than the RS boots. This said I appreciate your consideration. Respectfully, Rob Csorba TK-12621
  11. TK-12621 reporting for duty and requesting access to the FISD forum! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18480 Thanks!
  12. Thank YOU! Essentially a straight edge from the joint to the bottom of the inner piece...my cheeks thank you! Did you cut it with a knife or dremil? Will this mod be an EIB issue?
  13. Question...planning to replace my existing foam 'flower' cushion in my bucket with a hardhat suspension harness. I've seen tutorials how to do this with hot glue but can it be done and survive the heat of trooping using industrial Velcro? This may only be an interim fix as I continue to improve it for comfort and function, one of the reasons I don't want to glue the hardhat tabs in place. Feel with the Velcro I can remove the harness if I decide to go with a pad system that I've seen in so many bucket forum topics. I guess one of my major concerns is with the heat/humidity/sweat I've already experience wearing the bucket for limited periods, will it cause the glue on the Velcro to fail...thoughts? Have one of echo's cooling systems, assume Velcro is the best path for attaching? I've looked at many of the bucket forum topics and was on the fence about a pad system if only because of the potential heat, for any TK/TDs who have used both ...any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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