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  1. I would do the opposite of the tea staining and whiten your other parts with ArmorWhite from Trooperbay.com. I have had good luck with it and it will make the more cream parts brighter white and better match the new parts.
  2. 26 for me in TK, 2 Emperor, and 2 X-Wing with the RL. Have about 5 more scheduled this year, probably all will be TK. Broke 100 total earlier this year, so averaging about 30 or so per year.
  3. The rechargeable ones do not last as long, probably about half as long. When I tried these with the included alkalines they worked for over 12 hours before any noticeable slow down, I would guess the rechargeable ones would be around 6. I used 2 of these over the weekend for 4 hours with rechargeables and they held up fine. they really helped keep me cool in 92 degree weather, but I still couldn't resist taking a dip in the pool (I removed them beforehand). I used the one in the side and one by the mouth pointing up. They do suck in by the fan area and blow out the bottom, but there really help circulate the air. The one by the mouth was a little tight with my mic, but I closed off the side vents on the fan and it blew out strait up through the frown. It was like an exhaust and quickly expelled my hot breath through the frown. Had no fogging of my lenses and the sound was a relatively quite hum. When I did take them out to take a dip, within minutes my lenses were fogging up and I could really feel the difference.
  4. They last at least 6hrs with rechargeable batteries, and they are about 3oz with the batteries. They do have a bit hum, but its about the same as the squirrel fan I was using. Also they have vents where the air comes out, if you close off some of them you can concentrate the air flow coming out in the direction you want. The mouth one fits the best and shoots air right out of the brow section, so it acts like an exhaust fan. I will be trying them out in the field this weekend at an outdoor event in 90 degree + weather, so I'll report back how well they work and hold up.
  5. I recently picked up a few Off Clip-On Pest Repellent units for around $8 each at Wal-Mart. After using them the past few weeks, I realized they may make for a perfect quick and cheap solution for anyone looking to put fans in their helmet. I had been using a great squirrel fan, but it went through a 9v in a few hours, and when I tried 4 AAs it was slower, and added significant weight to my helmet. I thought I'd give these a try and see if I could adapt 1 or 2 into my helmet. First off, you must take the refill pad and rip off the chemical and filter. It needs to have the blue part in place for the built in on/off switch to work. These weigh around 3 oz each with batteries, my other fan with batteries was 8oz, so with two, not such a savings but they are easy to install with some Velcro. These use 2 AAA batteries, and I tested them with NIMH rechargeables and they lasted over 6hrs. For the one on the side I left the belt clip on and just put Velcro across it and on the side of the fan. I fit it in the left side, and stays in the helmet nicely. I put one in the mouth area as well, for that one a ripped off the belt clip and added some Velcro to the back and bottom, leaving the battery compartment exposed. So far so good, the airflow is really great, they are relatively quiet, and with properly placed Velcro they stay in place very nicely. Let me know if anyone else gives this a try, these may become a new way to keep our troopers cool, for those who want a quick and cheap solution. There is also an older blue model of this Off Clip-On, it appears to take AAs. I am trying to get my hands on one to see if it works just as well. --------- Warning: These do contain chemicals that may be dangerous to inhale. Please be sure to use a fresh pad that still has the seal on, and do not use a fan that has already been used (like I did below). Photos:------------
  6. Here's the official Mission report as well... The 501st Legion’s Empire City Garrison, Northeast Remnant Garrison, and the Rebel Legion’s Echo Base appeared at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, Long Island NY on Saturday June 18th, 2011 from 11am - 3pm. This event titled “The Empire Strikes the Cradle†was to help raise awareness for this non-profit museum and help them increase attendance. The Cradle of Aviation is Long Island's Air and Space Museum (http://www.cradleofaviation.org) and features an actual unused Moon Lander, planes, and other incredible artifacts from our aviation history. They also have a Dome IMAX, motion rides, and some really impressive exhibits. It was a huge success, and early indications are they had over 5 times their usual attendance. They were incredibly appreciative for our presence there, and hope to have us come back in the future. We all had a great time taking photos with guests, handing out citations and cards, and checking out the exhibits at the museum. The museum staff requested we take a walk down the block to the historic Nunley’s Carousel, which they also maintain, and it was a fun and surreal experience. We were also able to do Shoot-A-Trooper for charity throughout the day, and we raised $130 for the Pinwheel project. The Pinwheel Project is a local charity in NY that brings games, activities, toys, and treats to children at local area hospitals. We had members of The 501st Legion’s Empire City Garrison, Northeast Remnant Garrison, and the Rebel Legion’s Echo Base, as well as Jon Stokes from Astromech.net who brought his incredible R2-D2 unit. We would like to thank everyone who attended, especially those who came from locations far far away. Special thanks to all the family members and friends of the costumers who assisted with getting us dressed, taking photos, keeping us organized, and running the Shoot-A-Trooper event. Without your help and support, we would not be able to do what we do. We would also like to thank photographer Christopher Pasatieri for coming by to take individual photos of us, and taking some incredible shots of us on Nunley’s Carousel. Hopefully I captured everyone in the list below who participated, if I missed anyone, please let me know. Attendees List: 01- David Braun (ECG - TD-6513 / TD) 02- Scott Byrne (NER - ID-9946 / Grey Officer) 03- Michael Ciaravino (RL - X-Wing) 04- Cherissa Crossland (RL / Twi'lek - Nara Pel) 05- Patrick Delieto (ECG and RL - DZ-3755 / X-Wing and Sandperson) 06- Patrick Dorsey (RL / Jedi) 07- Chris Feehan (ECG and RL - TK-6744 / TK and X-Wing) 08- Andres Feliciano (NER - DZ-8247 / Sandperson) 09- Bonnie Feliciano (RL / ANH Leia) 10- Candace Gelfman (ECG - IC-2891 / Squire) 11- James Hannon (NER - TK-6799 / Tie Pilot) 12- Jackie Hannon (NER - IC-6797 / Imperial Crewman) 13- John Hopper (ECG - TD-2557 / Incinerator Trooper) 14- AJ Hopper (Cadet / Mini TK) 15- Steve Iervolino (ECG - TK-3295 / TK) 16- Dan King (ECG - TK-6795 / TK) 17- Rachel Kory (RL - X-Wing) 18- Warren Mundell (NER - TB-5715 / TB) 19- Robert Netchert (NER - TB-9432 / TB) 20- Lou Platania (ECG - TD-6908 / Fett) 21- Eric Seeman (ECG - TK-4619 / Vader) 22- Jessica Silvers (NER - TB-3405 / TB) 23- Kristin Sirota (RL / ANH Leia) 24- Will Sirota (RL/NER - Squire / Photographer) 25- Lance Starmer (NER - TK-2640 / TB) 26- Aaron Starmer (Cadet / TB) 27- Jon Stokes (R2D2 Builder – R2-D2 Unit) Newsday Video on YouTube: Here are some photos from this incredible event... Newsday Article and Video by Daryl Thomen (Unfortunately Registration is required to view it) http://www.newsday.com/long-island/towns/long-island-now-1.1732330/star-wars-characters-invade-li-museum-1.2969331
  7. Sent an email with some info and photos.
  8. I'd like to see the forum be made Tapatalk compatible for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch (and Android devices as well). I regularly check my Garrison's forum and the RPF with that app and it makes it easier to read and access on the go. Other than that I think the strides made this year were fantastic, great work!
  9. They missed the one where the officer calls for TK-421 and its Luke who taps his head like is com is broken. If you look closely he has a thermal detonator on, but when he comes up to the control room its the grappling hook.
  10. I sent a message and asked a question in his post on the 501st with no response. I pity the person who bought this, a friggin FX kit for $1500.
  11. Here's some info I wrote up to provide to new recruits, hope some of it is helpful... Please look over the 501st and FISD requirements so you know what you are shooting for. The FISD requirements are much stricter, but much more accurate, and even if you decide not to do all of them, at least you can avoid doing something that would disqualify the costume in the future (like riveting the shoulder straps, don't do it). Here are some helpful links and more info... Check out our Empire City Garrison site at. Empire City Garrison
  12. The Empire City Garrison attended the DK Publishing release of of Star Wars : Year By Year and the Clone Wars : Encyclopedia at Barnes and Nobel at Smith Haven Mall on Saturday August 21st. Chris Feehan (TK-6744), Eric Seeman (TD-4619), Brian Bleaman (TC-5281), and David Braun (TD-6513) from the ECG were there, as well as fellow ECG / Rebel Legion member Katharine Star (ID-5228) as Princess Leia. There was a huge crowd gathered a half an hour before the 2pm start of the event, and we were swamped for 90 minutes of the two hour event signing autographs and taking photos for both kids and adults. They had arts and crafts, giveaways, and activities for the kids and the reception was fantastic. The Star Wars music cranking during the whole event really added to the whole experience. The event went very well and everyone had a great time. We did manage to get a few quick photos thanks to Katherine, and we had some friends drop by who took some additional ones. Photos (more to come)
  13. There's a front page? Just Kidding.. I think the front page is useful, but the Forum should be more prominently displayed as the main focus.
  14. The Empire City Garrison attended another taping of the Science Channel Series, Sci-Fi Science : Physics of the Impossible with Michio Kaku on July 16th, 2010. This was for the 9th and 10th episodes of Season 2, and featured "How to Build a Cyborg" and "How to Defeat a Robot Army". The 501st Legion / Empire City Garrison Presented Dr. Michio Kaku his Honorary Friend Award. Chris Feehan (TK-6744) - ECG Long Island Event Coordinator and Charity Representative made the presentation, and he has attended every taping so far for the second season. The 501st wanted to recognize Dr. Kaku for his work, exploring how Sci-Fi concepts like Light Sabers, the Death Star, and X-Wing fighters may someday be possible. There was a large turn out with around 50 Sci-Fi fans, with a few in costume. They had us stand outside the building and then tape the show and do the Q&A from about 2-6PM. The Second Season is expected to start airing in November or December of this year. There will be one more taping this year on August 6th. Here are some photos of the presentation and a link to the YouTube video as well. ---------- YouTube Video:
  15. I have that exact one. It is rigid and a bit hot, but I have been using mine at every troop (50 or so) for over 2 years without an issue. It is the best one I have seen for the accurate shiny rubber look, and its worth the slight discomfort for me.
  16. Try running it in safe mode, there may be some files in use it can not remove unless you are in safe mode. Malwirebytes should not conflict with Norton, so you should be fine if you can remove any trace of the infection. I would also do a Windows System Restore again (if you can) to a date before you got the malware in the first place, just to be safe. I had a situation on a friends PC, where he could not run the restore because the malware was preventing it. If yours was doing the same, and its no longer active at the moment, you may now be able to run it. You may not have gotten it from the music itself, but from code on the site you went to to get the music. Sites like isohunt are notorious for having pop up ads and hidden code that end up giving you nasty malware.
  17. Here's the blurb I wrote up for my fellow ECG member Philip Moy book "Buckets Off" to go with my photo. I think it sums up my feelings pretty well... I first saw the original Star Wars in 1977 when I was 7 years old, and it had a profound effect on me and how I viewed the world. I had the figures, the toys, and all the games and discussions I remember from my childhood revolved around Star Wars. It helped get me into all sorts of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I became one of the super fans, going to Conventions and collecting anything Sci-Fi related. I became aware of a group called the 501st Legion, and their local NY chapter, the Empire City Garrison. They dressed up in movie accurate Star Wars outfits, mostly Stormtroopers, and went to Sci-Fi Conventions and charity events in costume; it was a Star Wars fans dream. Two years ago I purchased a Stormtrooper armor kit, it took me over 4 months to put it together, and gather the rest of the parts needed to create a movie accurate costume. As soon as I completed it, I immediately enlisted in the 501st Legion, and the past two years with the group have been incredible. I have done events ranging from ComicCon, children's hospital visits, charity fundraisers, concerts, and even the Today Show. For me it is the culmination of 30 years of fandom, and the ultimate testament to enduring popularity and appeal of Star Wars.
  18. Is this going to be for EIs only?
  19. Here's my story and how trooping has given me motivation to lose weight and eat better. When I started with the 501st Legion ECG in early 2008, I had just completed my TK and noticed it was a bit snug. I wasn't very overweight, I am 5'11" and I was just over 200lbs, but most of it was around the mid section. Basically this was because in my Tech job, I am not very active, and I would eat Ice Cream and chips almost daily. When I started to pursue Elite Status (Expert Infantryman) here at whitearmor.net, I began to appreciate the desire to be as accurate as possible, and it served as a huge motivation for me to lose some weight. I started using SlimFast for breakfast and lunch, and using Wii fit to do some light exercise and track my progress. It was tough, SlimFast is not very filling, but I was determined and I started losing about 6lbs a month. After about 8 months I switched to just SlimFast for breakfast, and a moderate lunch, usually a sandwich, with some flavored Quaker rice chips instead of potato chips. I also cut out the ice cream, except on special occasions, and started eating italian ices as my snack at night. I managed to get down and stay around 145-150 lbs for the past year, and now I can fit my TK with ease, and I feel better overall. My wife still gets annoyed at me over the whole thing, she is thin herself, but she jokes that I wouldn't lose the weight for her, the kids, or my own health, but I would to fit into a costume. All I can say to guys trying to do the same, is stick with it, with the proper motivation you can do it. I have some before and after photos, the first two are the before, and even in my face you can see there were some extra pounds there... Here are a few after shots, where you can see how much better my TK fits around the mid section. I'll try to take a photo of the Wii Fit stats as well, it was a nice steady decline that I have managed to hold pretty steady for the past year or so.
  20. I have a number of photos taken by a photographer on our garrison, and I am Expert Infantry ANH Hero. Example (first 9 shots - he took around 100 high rez) TK6744.com
  21. Had a great time, it was a real experience. Here are the photos I got and one from the Today's show site with me in the background.
  22. Please send them my way as well.. carving mine Wednesday..
  23. The Master Replica Collector's Edition (CE) will pretty much match your FX armor. The Rubies one is crap, cheaply made, bug eyes that are attached from the front, mis-shaped, horrible mic tips, incorrect decals, just to name a few issues. Just about any other helmet, even an FX type helmet, would be light years ahead of the Rubies. If you are just looking for 501st approval, an FX Helmet is an option. But, if you do the research here on FISD, you should be able to find a helmets in the same price range ($150 - 300) that are more accurate and can be FISD EIB approved.
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